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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Ellicott City Target had mixed wave with Death Star Escape Luke, stormtrooper, Cdmr. Gree, yoda, etc. Also saw droid platform gunship. Still no new CW in area, just restock of old waves.
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    Severn Super WalMart off 97 just put out multiple CW Colt cases as well as Vintage waves 6, 5 & 4. (some variants). Happy Sunday!
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    Got a galactic heroes AT-ST for the little guys today at TRU in Frederick. Picked up a Wedge on Amazon for $19.99, not a great price, but I have one now.

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    Found the AT-ST at Kingstowne TRU. I had a 20% TRU Rewards coupon in my email yesterday, so that worked out nicely.

    Also got my wave 3 case from EE, so I finally have the Gamorrean Guard and Wedge.
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    The DC area must be the biggest dead zone for new product if the last post was 3 weeks ago! Lucked out on wave 7 yesterday morning at the DC Target - got all except Logray because some stupid kid sprayed it with silly string. I imagine he will be easier to find later than some of the others. One question - was Wedge supposed to be in this wave or some revision of it? Or a wave 3 revision?
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    As far as I know, Wedge is only shipping in Wave 3 Rev 11 cases.
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    Finally found most of Wave 7 last weekend at TRU in Frederick and Targets in Westminster and Timmonium. TRU also had the Y-wing last week. I'm not impressed with yet another use of an inferior mold (even if they did upgrade it a little.) I also saw all the new mini-rigs. I don't understand the buzz about any of them. Even the Y-wing looked horrible. The new 3 figure battlepacks are yet another way I'll be saving money this fall. It's hard to believe that the ARC trooper and Rebel fleet trooper weren't packed 2 per case at least in the initial case assortments.

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    I missed them the first time they got them in, but I got the republic commandos and TFU sets at TRU in Frederick today. They had also restocked Y-wings and were amazingly low on the stealth ops clone trooper, both of which I don't really care about. I picked up the republic attack shuttle from when they were running the one day 20% off sale. It's okay, but when my 4 year old announced that it was his I didn't put up any resistance.

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    Congrats - TRUs on this side of the river have been pretty dead.

    Anyone have any earthquake-related collection mishaps? I had an AT-AT take a header off a 5 foot shelf, pancaking an Octuptarra droid. Fortunately both escaped without major damage. Otherwise, the destruction was mostly limited to figures falling over or off shelves.
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    I haven't even thought to check the SW room. It was such a mess anyway, I don't know if I could tell if anything fell over.


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