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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    And.. I'll be darned if i didnt go into my OTHER local target (Newport News) and give them the DPCI for 'Search for Luke Skywalker' and they had that too! Why do they not put these things on the shelves? Guess if you want something you have to ask nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mu5a5hi View Post
    New Here. Hello!
    Belated welcome! Saw the "Search..." battle pack in Columbia on Wed 10/19 and the landspeeder and Luke's Tauntaun at Ellicott City on Thursday. Been seeing TVC wave 9 off and on at various Walmarts, too.

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    Overlooked the search for skywalker yesterday, but got it today. Feels like a little more bang for the buck getting 2 figures and a taun-taun for the same price as a taun taun yesterday.

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    I definitely Agree. I skipped the Lukes TaunTaun for $25.. gonna wait. Not interested in paying $25 for two LESS figures and a missing half a tusk.

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    Kmart Score

    Found at Kmart, Christiansburg, VA:
    TVC - Slave Leia, Han in Trenchcoat, ReturnOTJ Boba Fett, Farlander, TIE Pilot, and Black Rebel Commando (Cant really call him African-American since its Long Long Ago presumably before Africa or America??) All with Prototype Boba Stickers. I picked up all but Farlander since I got him already. Hope some of the rest of you are having luck finding this wave as well!

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    Found revenge carded black endor rebel and stormtrooper (plus a few others I didn't pick up) at a wm in the outer banks of NC. Not that that helps anyone, but it was a rare sighting of something other than wave 4 for me and I was excited. Also got the rc republic tank on amazon for $30. They have/had the republic shuttle for $34 but I don't need another one.

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    Just stumbled on an army builders wet dream @ WM in Grundy,VA. They had 5 rebel fleet troopers and at least 3 of the new arc commander as well as stormtroopers and tie pilots. I got 2 rf troopers, 1 arc commander and a slave leia.

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    Went into Newport News VA Target this morning to pick up a prescription and I found the entire First Phantom Menace TVC wave on the pegs. No one else had touched them yet. I picked up Dofine, Maul, Amidala, and Sidious. The rest of this particular assortment doesnt interest me.. I guess its partly cause Phantom Menace is my LEAST liked Star Wars movie... I'd like a Qui-gon Jinn but I dont think Hasbro had made a sculpt of him that does not look 'wonky' yet.

    Anyhow If you are into these, check your Targets!

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    WM on 26 in Frederick had figures marked down yesterday. I picked up a death star trooper and a hoth stormtrooper for 3.50 each. Also got the lego advent cale.ndar for 19.90. They had blu ray packs for 12.50 but all that was left was aotc and tpm. For that price I would have bought the esb set and maybe rotj

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    TRU in Frederick had the new saga legends figures the other day (I don't even know what the subline is called so you can tell how much I cared.) They also had the "new" vehicle wave at $34 each (pass) and the "new" titanium 3-packs. All that was left of the titaniums was the podracer and droid control ship (again pass.) I really don't know why I even bothered stopping in there except that I was near there and I was bored.


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