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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    This thread is starting to feel like a one man show. I finally saw TPM wave at Target today and picked up the pod racers, amidala, ani, the naboo soldier, and quilan. Someone got to maul before I got there. The battledroid looked awful and I'm not paying $10 for sidious, quigon, and obi's that I already have.

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    You seem to be the one with all the luck! I haven't seen anything new since probably late October - in fact the TRU closest to me has had no vintage since September. And it looks like the Hasbro rep forgot all the Targets near me, since they have the same clones and sandtroopers and other pegwarmers from last spring.
    It is good to know though that someone out there is finding something.
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    Yeah, all the stores I've been seem to be holding the street date.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    Not much finding happening yet. Westminster Target put out one Ep. 1 case a couple of weeks ago. Only figs left when I got there were Obi, Qui-Gon, Battled Droid and PadawAni. Obi is still hanging out there along with some Ep 2 pegwarmers from earlier waves. Patiently waiting for the onslaught so I can use those BOGO coupons.

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    The Walmart in Casa Grande, Az. has 2012 everything. Battle packs, Vintage, Clone Wars, vehicles, and movie heroes.
    Nowhere in your incoherent ramblings did you come anywhere close to the answer. Thanks to you, everyone in this room is now stupider having heard you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. -Billy Madison-

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    Ran out to TRU in Frederick @ lunch today and picked up Vintage Maul, Qui-gon, and Battle droid (this one actually looked good and I figure the Qui-gon was free because of the b2g1 deal.)

    The Maul looks fantastic. I'm really happy with it.

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    Got the repaint vulture droid last night at Walmart, skipping the dewback.

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    Yorktown/Tabb area Walmart had the Discover the Force line today. One of each figure. I picked up Ric Olie, Aurra Sing, and Tusken Raider (Didn't have a tusken yet) The rest seemed like lackluster repaints to me)
    Anyhow.. these are in our area. Good hunting!

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    It's good to know they're finally making an appearance. I've hit three Walmarts each day this week to no avail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
    It's good to know they're finally making an appearance. I've hit three Walmarts each day this week to no avail.
    Found them at Hampton Walmart yesterday, too. And the Royal Naboo Droids. Looks like each walmart, for the initial shipment, HERE ANYWAY, is only getting one set of 12 'Discover the Force'


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