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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Nothing in stores still.. In Newport News/Hampton area.. this is getting depressing. My order came in tho. I opened Aayla, Nom, and Luke, Rest are going on ebay cheap as planned. No Malgus tho cause the online stores want $50 for him. I dont like him THAT much. this is a PATHETIC way to have to go about collecting!!! Hasbro has serious issues!!!

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    So I wandered into Target today and there was a TINY BIT of recent merchandise.. I picked up Clone Wars Aayla Secura and Republic Commando Boss. Left the new (phase 2?) Rex on the shelf. Didnt like the paint application. Looks like he rolled in dirt. And its REX. They'll come out with 4 more variations of him anyhow.
    So three whole new figures . ONE box unless someone picked up others before me. Its SOMETHING...

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    So this isn't so much about what I found today, but what I didn't see. Yesterday I was in a Target and a Walmart and saw the usual pegwarmers (Qui-gon, TPM Obi wan, and a smattering of other figures from the first wave.) Today I went into toys R us and there were absolutely no Qui-Gons. I was in there last week and they could have filled a peg with them. I'm hoping Hasbro is culling these from the shelves (and hopefully replacing them in the upcoming cases it's supposed to be a carry forward in.) Realistically though, since it was only in one store, some parent probably bought them all up to give out as favors at a birthday party. If any of you also see them disapperaing from shelves in the next week or so then we might be in for some better hunting in the near future. I'm anxious to go back to WM and target to see if they have been picked up from there as well.

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    WM on 26 down to 4 Qui-gons from about 10 last week. Looks like it wasn't Hasbro culling the pegs but at least their gone.

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    My walmart has at least 20 battle droids.. from several figure lines. i HATE that figure (all versions) Shame the transport isnt out yet so some rich collector would come along and buy them ALL

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    That would make too much sense. It would be like having a TIE fighter pilot or an AT-AT driver on the pegs at the same time the vehicles are released. Or a naboo fighter at the same time as two pilots are released as store exclusives. Or a Luke to go with his taun-taun. (Okay the horse is dead, I'll stop beating it.) The point is Hasbro seemingly can't coordinate anything the last few years. I don't know if it's poor planning in Rhode Island or poor execution in China or some mixture of the two.

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    Spent the Last Few Days in Charlotte And Winston-Salem NC.. NOTHING anywhere.. same old phantom menace.. Why does hasbro only give product ti internet companies that charge us $20-$40 per figure??

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    Naboo starfighter shipped from toy wiz today. I had preordered another from past generation but I don't want to miss this one. I'm pretty sure the way the vehicle line has been handled the last couple of years I'll never see one in stores.

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    Saw remnants of newer clone wars at Newport News Toys R Us yesterday.. Capt Rex with New Helmet, and Aayla Secura. I had Aayla already and I am not getting this Rex cause he has non-bending knees. But there is some stuff out there.. Still no (non-Phantom Menace) Vintage Collection anywhere in my area.

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    I saw the new Vintage Darth Vader on the pegs of TRU the other day in Frederick, MD. Stuff is slowly trickling out. The Naboo Starfighter is a huge improvement on the old one. The cockpit is just fantastic and I think it might be a little bigger. The droid slot isn't exactly movie accurate, but you can put whatever droid you want in there (I tried the R2's from the WM exclusive pack.)

    Also, I snagged another Malgus and Nom anor on Amazon for $13 each. I'm officially all caught up with everything I want until the Lost cardback wave shows up.


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