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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    I keep seeing malgus for $13 on amazon, but by the time i add to cart he is gone.. Its getting pretty annoying. ' I am NOT paying $33 for one figure.

    Do you have some sort of a 'tracking' mechanism for when a price on amazon gets lowered?

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    Well i ended up reloading every once in a while and snagged one for $13.. Still.. this hobby is getting really NOT FUN. The thrill of finding stuff in the store is so much better.

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    I just happened to be on there and searched for Vintage Star Wars and it popped up. Glad you got one as well and I agree that the fun is gone. I miss the thrill of approaching the pegs and seeing a bunch of figures you've never seen before. Now almost all I see are leftovers from TPM wave. If it wasn't for the internet, I would only have figures through the deleted scene wave.

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    I've now gotten 2 of the new Naboo starfighters. The one that came in yesterday I had ordered a while back (thinking they were in stock) from a seller on Amazon. Since a long time had passed and I wasn't sure that one would ever come in, I ordered another 2 weeks ago that came in last week from a different seller. I had to pay $39 for one of them and $44 for the other, but that still isn't too bad considering the gas I would have wasted looking for them on the shelves around here. It's a fantastic ship. Much better detail than the older one. The cockpit is much improved, it has landing gear now, you can put in your own droid. I just wish it still had electronics, but those days are over in ships this size.

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    The new 3-packs are trickling in to VA Targets. Specificallyt Williamsburg, for me. I got the one with Snaggletooth. I need another boba like i need a hole in the head.. But I really liked the Snaggletooth when i was a kid. I didn't feel like spending $25 each for both sets so I didn't get the droids, yet.

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    Got the 2 new 3 packs at Target in Frederick, MD yesterday. The best part is they rang up $15 each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    Got the 2 new 3 packs at Target in Frederick, MD yesterday. The best part is they rang up $15 each.
    Any idea how/why they rang up for that? Mine rang up for 'Not in system' and the guy checked and 24.99 was printed on the BOX they came from

    I would get the droid set for $15

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    A lost wavecase hit Northern Va today - saw beat up remnants at the Baileys TRU around noon today. Good to see new stuff but sad to see it too late and on bent cards.
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Karr View Post
    A lost wavecase hit Northern Va today
    Found that wave at one Walmart in Westminster. None of the others I frequent seem to have received it yet. I'm sure it won't be hard to find Jar Jar overstaying his welcome on the pegs.

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    Glen Burnie Toys R Us had all 12 Lost Wave vintage(both cards) in stock & every one was beat/bent to crap(go figure). They also had the Ewok/Yavin pilot bp's back in stock(10 of each)...shame they didn't have them 9/6 when I had my BOGO rewards coupon. Annapolis has them also but beware...they are charging 4.00(or 8.00 for the set) more than the Glen Burnie or Columbia TRU's???
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