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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Mine came in a Hasbro white mailer box and arrived in great condition. From what I have heard it's just the luck of the draw with these things. Hope you have better luck with the next one. Aside from an awful spring mechanism for the wings, it's a great toy.

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    I got the Red 3 X-wing today at TRU using a 25% off coupon you can download and print. For $45 it was worth it. Now that I have X-wings for Red 5,2, and 3 and a couple really nice big TIE fighters, I really need a completely redone Vader's TIE advanced.

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    Got the first two disney 13" figures in today and I'm pretty impressed. The range of motion isn't great, but they bend everywhere you'd need them to. The phrases were great choices (okay some of the stormtrooper ones were from sandtroopers, but no kid would be that picky.) Paint was WAY better than anything Hasbro has put out in a while.

    Also found a Darth Plagueis on the pegs at a target in Westminster on saturday. When I was walking up to the pegs I noticed they only had about 4 figures and three of them were anakin so I was quite surprised to see him there.

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    Long time not posting - still check here everyday but have pretty much given up on collecting, other than getting a Toryn and Snow Commander. Anyway, saw the SW Hot Wheels at the Potomac Yard Target. They looked okay but I passed.
    Let's get organized...what time is it and what day is it?

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    Wow, It's been a while since I had anything to post about here. Found the BB-8 3 pack with the 2 desert people I really don't care about and the Ahsoka/Vader 2-pack at a K-mart today in Frederick, MD. They had all the others as well and I was tempted by the red arm 3-P0 and R2 pack but not tempted enough to part with another $15

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    So I've gotten the new WM wave 3 figures over the long weekend. One WM had Rey and Poe, and the other only had Finn. I really hope this doesn't mean they're breaking up cases across stores.


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