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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Oh, and no signs of the next waves (D.C. area)
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    Saw the Bespin Vader/Luke, new Mace and new Jango figures at the TRU in Towson. Picked up Dooku, Massif, Orn Free Ta, at the Wal Mart near me in Shrewsbury, PA, which is just over the MD line. Also saw the Endor soldier and that awful Qui Gon but passed on those.

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    Got the new Final Jango Fett & Mace at the Columbia MD TRU. No Luke or Darth Vader though. They also had a couple of Taun We figures.

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    Bespin Wave

    Found Bespin Vader, Jango (Final Battle) and Mace (Geonosian Rescue) at the Fair Lakes TRU. They had plenty of Mace & Jango, but only a couple of Vaders and not a single Luke.

    Sloppy - I've got ya the figs you needed. Couldn't find any Yodas or Dookus but I've got an extra one of each so you can consider them yours.

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    Missed 'em

    I missed Bespin Luke and Vader at Columbia TRU today too. Passed on the Mace and Jango. With the number of those on the pegs they must have had 2 or 3 cases. Boy the classic figs went fast!

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    The Laurel TRU had tons of Dooku, Yoda's and teh Luminara, Taun we and the Bo Shek wave. Lots of each for sure. Not alot of people in the building due to the weather. Hope someone can find what they are looking for
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    Went for a little "trip" this evening:

    Pot Mills TRU: nothing new. Had Imperial Officer & Rebel Trooper (about 6 of each) if anyone is looking to build a small army.

    Pot Mills W-M: nothing new

    Woodbridge Target: couple of Luminaras and Taun We.

    Woodbridge Ames: a few Royal Guards, Taun We and Luminaras

    Springfield TRU: same as everywhere else, nothing new

    Springfield W-M: same

    Springfield KMart: BoShek wave (thanks Fixer). Picked up an extra Teebo.

    Sloppy, since I was up there, I picked up an extra R4 for you.

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    Where is that next wave?

    The WM in Germantown and both the TRU in Gaithersburg and 7 Corners had nothing new. Any other sightings besides Columbia?

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    Major Karr

    Found the Bespin wave last night at FairLakes TRU. They had 3 of the 4 from this wave, with Luke being the missing one.

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    The Laurel TRU had the Luke Wave. They also had the Dooku wave and Luminara wave too. There was only two lukes and two vaders on the shelf when I got there. I grabbed one of each. Also still had alot of the Boshek wave.
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