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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Thanks for the updates, had been out of the country where I had seen everything we had here except for Dookoo, and saw in the posts that the next wave was showing up.

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    I found Luke, Vader, Mace, and Jango at Toysrus Fredrick. Only 2 lukes I bought one of them. Lots of the others.

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    Hey Jedikmg, did the Luke have the bloody stump? I was there this morning and they only had Mace and Jango left.

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    Toys R Us in Columbia had lots of Vaders and Lukes. I only found 1 Luke that had the red. All of the others (and there had to be at least 8-10 more) did not have red.
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    Nope neither of the lukes had the bloody stump.

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    Not Found

    Neither the Springfiled WM or TRU had anything new. Seem to be always striking out!

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    Still need the massif wave.

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    thx for the heads up on dooka and teebo at laurel tru
    new to the forum but hope to give as much info as i get
    at last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi

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    Welcome. Always ncie to have someone else arround here to help hunt for the new figures.

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    Hey JB,

    You are amassing quite a few figs for me - I am forever indebted to you! Just tell me when you want to meet and how much I owe you.

    You must need something? Right?


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