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    OK, Northern Virginia today mostly yielded evidence of restocking -- which had been picked up by others before I got there.

    Tysons TRU - Nothing noteworthy except a lone Luke (bloody), which I picked up. (!)

    Seven Corners TRU - Nothing new at all, although the floor guy was extremely friendly and went through all the pegs looking for a Taun We when I offhandedly mentioned that I was looking for a second one. He said he hadn't seen anything new for a few days and that they had only one Yoda in all week. They had a bunch of stuff there earlier in the week (Taun We, Luminara, Royal Guard) that was now nowhere to be found.

    KB Toyworks Seven Corners -- a good number of Taun We, Luminara, and Royal Guard in case anyone is still looking for those, but no Bespin wave.

    TRU Kingstowne -- Good score late in the evening; picked up Mace Windu (Basic); Anakin (Hanger), and Jango (Final). Unfortunately, they only had the one of each of those that I picked up. IIRC, they had some Luminaras there as well. No trace of Luke, Vader, or anything else new.

    Wal-Mart Kingstowne -- Nothing, but pegs looked more empty than anywhere else I've seen, so maybe they'll restock soon.

    Wal-Mart (Route 1) -- Nothing, although there was a single Mace Windu (Basic) under the pegs as well as some Royal Guards and Luminaras so there had been some restocking since yesterday night. (Man, I have had no life this weekend.) This is where I found my Yoda last week.

    I went to a couple of other places in the area, but saw nothing further of note. The Luke made my day, though, so I hit most of these trying to find a Vader.
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