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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    OK, Northern Virginia today mostly yielded evidence of restocking -- which had been picked up by others before I got there.

    Tysons TRU - Nothing noteworthy except a lone Luke (bloody), which I picked up. (!)

    Seven Corners TRU - Nothing new at all, although the floor guy was extremely friendly and went through all the pegs looking for a Taun We when I offhandedly mentioned that I was looking for a second one. He said he hadn't seen anything new for a few days and that they had only one Yoda in all week. They had a bunch of stuff there earlier in the week (Taun We, Luminara, Royal Guard) that was now nowhere to be found.

    KB Toyworks Seven Corners -- a good number of Taun We, Luminara, and Royal Guard in case anyone is still looking for those, but no Bespin wave.

    TRU Kingstowne -- Good score late in the evening; picked up Mace Windu (Basic); Anakin (Hanger), and Jango (Final). Unfortunately, they only had the one of each of those that I picked up. IIRC, they had some Luminaras there as well. No trace of Luke, Vader, or anything else new.

    Wal-Mart Kingstowne -- Nothing, but pegs looked more empty than anywhere else I've seen, so maybe they'll restock soon.

    Wal-Mart (Route 1) -- Nothing, although there was a single Mace Windu (Basic) under the pegs as well as some Royal Guards and Luminaras so there had been some restocking since yesterday night. (Man, I have had no life this weekend.) This is where I found my Yoda last week.

    I went to a couple of other places in the area, but saw nothing further of note. The Luke made my day, though, so I hit most of these trying to find a Vader.
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    Potomac Mills TRU got in some of the Dooku/Yoda wave. Found a Zam Wessell w/ the "Face Reveal" sticker variation on it. Still no sign of the Bespin wave down here yet. P.M. WalMart looks like it's been wiped out. The pegs are starting to look empty. Hopefully they'll re-stock soon.


    Believe it or not, I really don't think I need anything. Just glad to help out. As for when to meet, it's up to you, my schedule is pretty open.

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    Welcome aboard Senator Binks and Valin Horn.

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    New Finds

    Going on a hunch I went up to Potomac Mills WalMart this morning to see if they refilled the pegs, which looked almost bare compared to what it has been. Boy, am I glad I went. Picked up Orn Free Taa, Qui-Gon, Endor Soldier and Massiff. Also had the Bespin wave and picked up the Luke that I missed the other night. I also saw a few Dookus, Yodas and Hanger Anakins. Guess I'm all caught up for now. Good thing too, I was running out of money.

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    has anyone seen any Tie Bombers this week? Today?
    "The Negotiator, General Kenobi."

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    thats aweseome jb... No sign of the massif wave in the carroll/frederick county area.

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    Two or three each of the Orn Free wave at Kingstowne Wal Mart late this morning and plenty of Royal Guards and Taun We, but no Bespin wave.

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    Just found out that all the new figs at P.M. WalMart are gone. Didn't last too long. They were gone by 12:30. I guess timing is everything. I've learned from experience that, at this WalMart, if you don't get any new figs as soon as they're put on the pegs you might as well forget it.

    Maybe there's more collectors than I thought in the area. I know of one that I ran into during the "Midnight Madness" event at this same WalMart that runs a small company/business that was grabbing all the "popular" figs. I wanted a Luminara that night and managed to snag one, but his cart had like 4 or 5 of them in it. Maybe theres a couple of collectors who read these posts but never reply to them. I don't know. Sorry for rambling.

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    Gaithersburg, MD

    KBToys - Lakeforest Mall - Nothing new. A few Royal Gaurds and Luminaras. FYI, they have lowered their prices to 5.99

    TRU - A few Mace Windus, I did find two Vaders last week though...

    Germantown, MD

    Walmart - They had at least 3-4 cases of Bespin Wave. Tons of Windu, and Jango FB, two Vaders, and the Lukes were already gone....

    Target - Nothing new, except they did have a Geonosian Warrior with background insert, which I picked up.

    Fredrick, MD

    Toys R Us - 4 Windus, 3 Jangos, 2 Vaders, and again, no Luke...

    Wal-mart - Hit the jackpot! They had at least 4 cases of the Massif wave, all in mint condition. Go get 'em Jedikmg! No Bespin wave.

    Hagerstown, MD

    Super Wal-mart - Leftovers from a case of the Massif wave. 1 rebel soldier, 1 Orn Free Ta, 1 Quigon. Poor condition. I did find a boatload of Dookus and Yodas there two weeks ago, however.

    Well, that's it for today. If anyone finds Lukes in good condition, let me know please.
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    Welcome aboard BigBadWolf.

    Until today I ran into the same problem with finding the Bespin Luke. Looks like he's gonna be the popular one.


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