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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Dang i was at frederick wal-mart yesterday morning... I am gonna go back up tomarrow i am praying they still have them.

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    Originally posted by underdog25
    has anyone seen any Tie Bombers this week? Today?
    The Eldersburg Walmart at 32 and Liberty (I think) had bombers last week as did the Westminster Walmart.

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    I was going to Frederick wal-mart today, but i stopped at the Mt. Airy wal-mart first. They had about 2-3 of each figure in the massif and bespin waves. I picked up a bloody stump luke. They had 1 bloody stump left. They also had 1 snow speeder.

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    I have been hitting all the wrong places for Luke. I can't seem to nail one down. I was at the Walmart in Ellicott City this morning and they didn't have any of the new waves. I was going to stop by the Mt. Airey Walmart but decided to by pass it. I know there won't be anything there this afternoon. Doah!

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    the walmart in dundalk at north point had the jinn wave today
    at last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi

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    Originally posted by valin horn
    the walmart in dundalk at north point had the jinn wave today
    I found the same wave in Eldersburg Monday afternoon. Found Vader Bespin at Columbia TRU. Luke still eludes me!

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    Just saw the Boshek wave at Laurel TRU. DON'T BOTHER rushing there as the entire case was in a scalper's cart! There was one Yoda hanging with the figs at the front of the store.

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    ALL of the TRU's have a TON of POTJ figures in stock. If they don't have them on the floor then they are sitting in the back somewhere. Ask to get some. Most don't have them out because there is no room on the layouts for them or lazy stockers. If they don't get a case or two for you then ask to speak to the MOD. They should be more than willing to bend over backwards to get you want you are looking for. If not then go higher. They sent out TONS of these cases to each and every store. They have them so go get them.
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    Nothing new at the TRU in Gaithersburg as of 5:00 PM....

    Any sightings of the Ultimate 12" Jango Fett in the DC/Maryland area??

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    Nothing new at Target, KB Toyworks, or Walmart in Bowie.

    Well, I did see some 12" figures at the Target, none were Jango Fett. I personally don't collect the 12" line. Does anyone want me to post sightings of those. I usually go to Laurel, Greenbelt, Bowie, Landover, and Clinton.
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