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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    E-mail coming your way.

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    Has anyone spotted the 12" Jango up here in the north-central maryland area?

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    Nope Jedikmg, I have been trying to track one down with no luck. The few sigthings in Glen Burnie must have sold quickly because I missed them. The Big K in Gaithersburg had nothing. If anyone is looking for variations, I found a bunch at the local KB in Frederick, including the Zam on first issue card and clone trooper dot variations.

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    Just got back from the DLP digital screening of EP2 at Annapolis Mall, and guess what I found at the Annapolis TRU.....

    JANGO 12" ! An entire case of him to be exact....$39.99, a little steep compared to K-Mart's price, but I'll take what I can get....

    I haven't had this much fun with an action figure since I was a kid. This guy is unbelivable. The only gripes I have is that the lower body armor (legs) is fastened on via velcro and is a little fishy, and Jango's helmet is just a little bit too big. Finding a 12" Jango has atleast made up for my poor luck in finding a Luke Bespin...

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    12" Jango

    Stopped off at the KMart in Woodbridge and spotted 4 of these for those interested.

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    Nothing new at the Gaithersburg TRU. Boatloads of Bespin Vader, Mace, and Jango FB; but no Luke.....

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    Was at Ellicot City Wal-mart and Catonsville TRU. NOTHING NEW! What a bunch of crap. When are stores going to stock something new???
    "The Negotiator, General Kenobi."

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    The WalMart at Potomac Mills is the same way. Looks like the display is only about half full, with figures scattered all over the place. Hopefully (key word), they will restock soon.

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    Same in Alexandria -- the stuff is flying off the shelves but they can't put a Yoda up there so I can have one to open? *** he must kick! Shelves you must restock!

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    Hey Senator. At least you have a Yoda. . .
    The movie changed my life. It was much better than Cats. I'd go see it again and again and again.


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