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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Deluxe Jango & cheap Lego Tie Interceptor

    The K-mart on Little River Turnpike (VA) had 2 deluxe Jangos tonight.
    The TRU in Clinton MD has the Lego Tie Interceptor on sale for $39.90. They were hidden behind the still full price X-Wings.

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    If anyone is intrested...the Toys R Us at Golden Ring had the Qui-Gon wave yesterday (May 24)

    No 12 inch Jango though

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    The KB Toyworks at 7 Corners has teh new 12" exclusive Clone Troopers !!!

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    Still looking for a Yoda in the Northern VA region... Any help?

    Side note - did see a few Dookus and Hanger Duel Anakins at TRU at fairlakes, fairfax

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    Well i dunno about Northern VA, but Frederick, Maryland Toysrus had like 5 yodas, 10 dookus, 5 anakins last week.

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    Thanks Jedikmg! I might just check there later today!
    Good luck with your figure hunting!

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    I saw plenty on Sat at Tyson TRU and Sterling TRU...Yoda that is plus Dooku galore !!!!

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    Thanks again Jobare!
    The movie changed my life. It was much better than Cats. I'd go see it again and again and again.

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    Thanks DavidGQ!

    Just finished at TRU at Tysons. Must have just missed the yodas. Not much there except the usual peg warmers... *Sigh Alas yoda continues to elude me....

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    Scarlet -- there were two Yodas at seven corners TRU around noon today (Memorial Day). One in the bin, and I put one from the bin with a near-perfect card up on the pegs.


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