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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Fixer, sorry pal! I promise I left the place exactly as you left it!

    Just follow up on Kevin's post (who beat me hear wiith the post )

    As of 4pm...
    about 4 Qui Gons
    at least 2 Orn Free (upper pegs in the back)
    at least 4 Endor Soliders (no variants that I noticed)

    No Palpatine, Massiffs, of Djas.....

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    What happened to the Massiffs? They should have been in the same shipment. Damn my lousy luck......

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    What I saw/didn't see today

    Hey all,
    the WM and TRU in Clinton and Waldorf had the same peg warmers today.
    I saw the same things Kevin did at KB Toyworks, as well as the exclusive Clonetroopers.
    The Ames at 7 Corners had about 12 boxes of the Yoda wave sitting on the floor. No sign of the Bespin wave or Palpatine wave.

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    Hey any sightings of Nexu, or delux Ani?

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    The Hagerstown TRU had the Massiff wave this morning. Also the Chambersburg, PA Kmart had 4 12" Jango Fetts about noon today.
    "The Negotiator, General Kenobi."

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    What's up Hagerstown? You guys seem to get allthe figures before the No.Va people! Lucky! The force must be especially strong up there

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    I don't live there. I was just passing thru and stopped to look. I do agree with that.
    "The Negotiator, General Kenobi."

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    I went to Bowie Walmart and KB Toyworks this evening. KB had som Orn Free and the ugly Qui Gon.

    Walmart had a bunch of Orn Free, Endor Soldier, Massif, Mace Windu, and Jango Fett final battle.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I'm glad I am not the only one who though Qui Gon looked a little constipated!

    You know this Bowie MD find further solidfies my theory that MD is just getting more newer figures than Northern VA.. *Sigh...

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    Fixer - email coming your way.


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