I just can't wait! I love the creature-types of the Star Wars Universe. So here we go, in my series of Top Ten Must Have figures, the Top Ten Jabba's Palace/Sail Barge/Skiff (anyone from Jabba's entourage. Here are my picks...

10. Fozec - One of the more distinctive of the strictly human members of Jabba's Court. Appears to be amoung the guards of the palace.

9. Yoxgit/Sic-Six Two Pack - Though refered to as Hermie Odle's assistant, it is unlikely that you would get a full-scale, articulated figure as a pack-in with a Deluxe figure as large as Hermie. A two-pack with another small character is the best bet, so I would pair him with the bizarre Muppet, Sic-Six.

8. Tanus Spiijek - This is Elom (the Mole) in earlier incarnations. A great choice as one of the more unusual Jabba's Palace couriers. A smaller, shorter character, perhaps an ideal canidate for Worrt (rock creature) as a pack-in.

7. Woof - This is the "Jabba's Palace Klaatu", the one with the sheep's wool waist wrap. A must have that should carry one of the distinctive Jabba's Palace pistols.

6. Loje Nella - Looking like a combination of an earthworm and a mushroom, this background character is a favorite of mine. Lots of possibilities with what the rest of the figure should look like. Perhaps an even better choice to have Worrt as a pack-in, or perhaps a Jawa.

5. Jess - Another of the more distinctive humans in Jabba's Court, she would make a nice counterpoint to all of the creatures. Plus you can't go wrong with a blue and white haired female character in a striking two-piece number!

4. Hermie Odle - The next Deluxe shoe-in character, Odle is HUGE and strange. We need these guys (like Ephant Mon) who are like Big Bird or Sweetums were to the other Muppets, real standouts.

3. J'Quille - Known as "Tooth Face" in early literature, this is a great choice for a Jabba's Palace grouping.

2. Yarna d'al' Gargan - Who's list won't she be on? Probably the most wanted character out there. She should include Attark (Hoover) as an accessory.

1. Bubo/Herat (Jawa) Two Pack - No surprise here. Bubo has been on my wish list for ages and I think that "Jabba's Jawa", Herat, is a must have as well. Don't forget the palm frond fan, Hasbro!

There it is, my difficult to achieve Top Ten list. The runners up were Sasha Tiel (Ishi Tib), Weequay Skiff Master, BGJ-38 (throne room droid), Cane Adiss, and Sgt. Doallyn.