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    IS the TRU POTJ AT-ST a rare find?

    I went in to TRU today, my first time in months, and they had 4 of the AT-STs. I don't collect vehicles but I had to pick this one up. The packaging is so darn cool. Is this a hard one to find or not?

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    It HAS been hard to find...

    I finally saw them in the stores about 2 weeks ago. The store only got about 4 each... if they got them at all. I don't believe the incidence of restock on these is too high...
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    A dime a dozen!

    Around here, Pittsburgh, PA their a dime a dozen. I was at TRU yesterday and they had 3 (That was the same amount as a week ago.) either they are not selling or getting replenished rather quickly.
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    My TRU got 8 and sold them all on the same day... (1 went to me!!) but I don't think they have restocked since.

    So I would say rare... as most exclusives are.
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    There are still about 4 on the shelves at the TRU near me. They've been there for about 2 weeks. They had originally gotten like 12 or so, but they've been slow sellers compared to other exclusives. Not much demand around here for them I guess.
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    I haven't seen them once in Cincinnati, despite living near two different TRUs.

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    I just did a quick search for the POTJ AT-ST on eBay, and found that most of them have starting bids between $30 and $40, and most still have zero bids. I guess there isn't that much demand out there, if you can get this exclusive on eBay for the same price you would've paid at TRU.
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    Well doesn't sound too rare at all then. But that's ok, It sure looks cool it that packaging, rare or not.

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    It looks even better OUT of the package.
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    LOL I bet it does. perhaps in the near future I'll open it up. Ya just never know.


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