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    To open POTJ or not to open ??

    I know this is a question that is old as dirt... but out of curiosity, how many of you open your potj figures and wich are the most fun out of the package, and how do you like to display them ??

    On the other hand how many leave them in the package, and why ?? and how do you display them. On the wall ?? in a star case ??

    Overall which is more fun to you ??

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    I used to open mine, but I used to have a hard time trying to keep up with who had what weapons and where they were. So I just find it easier to keep them in their package. Its just convienent for me! Also I do display them, but I am working on a better way to put them up without putting a million holes in the wall. One day I plan to build a display case!
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    I know some think that I am a complete idiot for opening my figures, but I do.

    I love collecting for the sake of enjoying my figures. I like to pose them and touch them. I think it takes me back to my childhood a bit, but it also helps me step back from the more "serious" issues that surround me in life. There are a couple of hard-to-find figures that I have kept carded if I was able to get more than one- just as insurance (in case I go broke and need big cash sometime down the line). I don't collect in the hopes that what I have found will bring me monetary gain, but rather simple joy.

    So... that's my answer. I'd open them if you are collecting for pleasure and not financial rewards. If you want THAT... invest in something else!
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    Exclamation Well!

    To quote Buzz Lightyear: "You (toys) are a child's play-thing!"

    And I agree! Toys are meant to be opened and played with. Or else they end up like Stinky Pete. I play with my toys all the time. I don't really care if I get them a little scratched. And besides, they are good to get the stress out. Sometimes when I am angry I go and get Obi-Wan and Darth Maul (Final Battle) and SLICE him! HAHAHHAHAHA!
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    Thumbs up

    I open all my figures and keep the cards in boxes, i have some unopened figs and ships, cuzz i dont have space to display them!!
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    I open all my figures. Even the rarer ones! I keep all the weapons in several ziplock bags, and I can remember what weapon goes with what character...I don't know how, but I do. I enjoy opening them up, they are just more fun that way!
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    It may be a throwback to the fact that I've been a collector since 1977 when I got the Early Bird Set at the age of 12for Christmas. Back in those days we didn't have an after market or collector/speculator scalpers. You opened your figures and played with and displayed them. I still do to this day with a few exceptions. Sometimes I will buy a resculpt and not open it or an extra of one I will open (like I will with Amanaman).
    The funny thing is that a lot of collectors want loose figures but won't open cared ones to obtain them. I sell at local toy shows and have found that I will sometimes have a carded figure for less than another dealer will have a loose version of the same, but the collector will not buy the carded version, often paying more than my price for a loose one. It is almost as if a figure being carded is something sacred and opening it should be done by someone else. A strange trend.

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    I don't open mine because I know I'll never really play with them, so I figure that why not just leave them as they are. However, if I happen to find any on clearance then I buy extras for my son and he opens them.

    I'm thinking that one day I'll pass along my collection to my son and he can do with it what he wants.
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    I'm one of the psycho collectors out there that has both a loose and carded version of almost every fig. As time has gone on and the collection has ...ahem - expanded, I will buy only one of certain characters now and keep them carded: any Jar Jar, any non movie fig (I did open a Snowobiwan and it's great), any new Qui Gon and some of the Darth Maul figs (how many of him do we need? I am anticipating the deluxe though - at least it's different)

    I do have an open Darktrooper and movie or not, that is one serious action figure!

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    To Open or not to open POTJ Figures...

    I do open my figures, and recenly built a neat little display for them, and organized them by, movie, association, and character. I will be building some new ones id imagine for episode 2, so till then
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