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    I was at Walmart in Calais ME last week and they had SQUAT. It was the worst I'd ever seen. All they has was the Coruscant Guard Wave of POTJ figures and the anniversary sets. They also had 12 inch Dagobah Luke put I passed on him because Yoda looks diseased. I heard that most US Walmarts were not realesing the TB and SS until the 23rd for some unkown but probably ridiculous reason. I'd wait till then just to be safe. My sister's gonna be working in St Stephen (on the border for those who don't know) so I'll check Calais Walmart after the 23rd myself.
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    The Wal-Mart @ Eastgate Square here in Hamilton had the new figures in yesterday. my friend went to buy some, someone working there realized that they weren't supposed to be sold yet. So she took them out of his hand, and started packing away all the figures on the pegs into a shopping cart.

    Went back there today, and someone had hidden a Jango Fett so my friend bought it. It rang up ok....

    Oh, and they had a lot of EP2 LEGO. Tusken Raider scene, Slave 1, etc.

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    Hey Ice berg, how much are the figs at Wal-mart.

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    My friend's figure came to $10.15...

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    with or with out tax, probably without, right?

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    Originally posted by BobaFett
    with or with out tax, probably without, right?
    With tax.

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    I just came from Walmart in Saint John NB where I got Slave I. This is a really cool ship. It makes the old one seem pretty weak but not so much that you gotta put it away. Its tons of action features can be completely hidden. This is what all vehicles should be like.
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    Hey everybody...check out the Wal-Mart's in the US. I picked up two Tie Bombers and two Snowspeeders this past Friday night. The Wal-Mart where I shop only got 3 of each in (I assume 1 case). Calais, ME should have these babies in by now! If you're not them and give them the UPC code. I know that these aren't coming to Wal-Mart I thought some of you guys / gals ??? might like to venture south.
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