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    Talking Star Wars VS. Star Trek

    I like Star Trek, but i am a Star wars FAN, so my winner is pretty obvious, nevertheless, Jedi Trcks points are really interesting. Maybe Star Trek could win some battles, but for me the cake goes to Star Wars.

    So bring it on guys, may the better story wins...
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    Honestly, all humor pages aside (), I think that if it ever happened, the good guys would be good guys and the bad guys would be bad guys. None of this Marvel Comics "we're both good, but let's fight for no real reason" garbage.
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Honestly, all humor pages aside (), I think that if it ever happened, the good guys would be good guys and the bad guys would be bad guys. None of this Marvel Comics "we're both good, but let's fight for no real reason" garbage.
    I have to salute this post! This is right up there with a line in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back when Holden refers to the Bluntman and Chronic Movie as "The worst idea since having Greedo shoot first".

    You have my gratitude for making such a wonderful and obscure pop culture reference!

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    I've always been a Star Trek fan along with Star Wars. I think it's kind of idiotic to believe that you can't be both.

    The reasons I like Star Trek are different from the reasons I like Star Wars. For instance, my favorite aspect of Trek is all the techno-babble and cerebral stories. My favorite aspect of Star Wars is the wholesome sense of adventure and the amazing visuals.
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    I have to agree with bigbarada. The two are different enough for me to be able to enjoy them both. How can you not like a character like Captain Kirk, or Spock.

    On the other hand...lets look at some parrallels.

    Captain Picard - Obi-Wan Kenobi(wise...seem to know everything)
    First Officer Riker - Han Solo (brash and devil-may-care)
    Worf - Chewbacca(big strong friendly alien sidekicks)
    Deanna Troy - Princess Leia(the "conscience" of each group)
    Data - R2-D2 and C-3PO(the logic of each group)
    Q - The Emperor(all-powerful enemies)
    Tribbles - Ewoks(couldn't resist)
    Every alien beast that kirk fights - Rancor
    The Borg and their ship - Stormtroopers on the Death Star

    And regardless of the above listed similarities, I still say they are different enough to enjoy them both. Incidently...the above similarities can be found in most good vs evil movies of any genre.
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    Worf and Chewy are friendly ? It's a madhouse, a MADHOUSE !

    I always loved TNG. I was 9 when it started, so I guess I grew up with it. But not on the same level as Star Wars.

    I agree with Darth Cruel and bigB that they are all enjoyable in their own ways.

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    Star Wars captured my imagination as a child (hey, I'm still into it), but Star Trek caught my imagination as a teenager... I had to grow up to kind of 'get it' when it came to ST. They're both great, but very, very different!

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    Thumbs up

    I grew up on the old Star trek shows.I remember watching them every night,not when they aired but the reruns.I loved the shows.I was 12 when ANH came out,and I was hooked.To choose one over the other is something I couldn't do.Each one has its own universe and story and both are equally popular.I say enjoy them both.There is nothing wrong being a fan of both,I am.[Beam me Scotty,and set a corase for the Hoth system.]
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    I love Trek and I love SW, although I've been a Trekkie since before there was a SW (not long before though ). I love both the adventures and the technical aspects of each, even though Lucas doesn't make a huge effort for scientific things to make sense. So one thing I'm always thinking about is that Trek's science-fiction science is simply more advanced than Star Wars' science-fiction science -- Lucas' sciences are based around lasers and gasses and point-seven past lightspeed, while lasers and gas-based weaponry and less than 2 times the speed of light are all things that were archaic to Trek back when Shatner had straight hair. Does that mean that the Millennium Falcon isn't as wonderful as the Enterprise-A to me? Not at all, just that the Falcon doesn't have what it takes to survive a battle against a 23rd and 24th century Starfleet vessel.

    But all in all, that's the point, they're not the same, they're 2 different animals - Star Trek and Star Wars have very little in common and that makes comparsion between the 2 pointless in my eyes.
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    Its not pointless, the point is to discuss this subject in a FUN way (like El Chuxter wrote b4), this thread is not intended to divide the Trek and the SW fans. Nobody said it was "idiotic" to be a fan of both, on the contrary, i myself said that i like Star Trek, but as i said b4 i like Star Wars the most, thats all guys.

    As always...........L


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