I know no retailer is supposed to stock AOTC merchandise before April 23rd. I also that Walmart has been stocking them, and has just received emails/fax, that NO Star Wars Episode II merchandise is to be stocked before then. But can anyone tell me why my Walmart, in Union Park, near UCF, has pulled EVERY Star Wars toy of the pegs and shelves?

All of the 12" Death Star Droids, D.S. Troopers and Han troopers are gone.

All of the pegs and pegs of Shmi, Ketwol, Bespin Guard, General Leia, Ellors Madak etc. (about 30 pegs FULL) are gone.

All of the 25th Anniversary Vader/Ben, Luke/Leia, Han/Chewie 2 packs are gone.

All of the Deluxe Darth Maul and Bacta Luke (about 14 pegs worth) are gone.

The only Star Wars toy left is a 12" Jar Jar from the Episode 1 line.

Someone PLEASE...tell me what in world is going on in these peoples minds?