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    Clonetroopers + genetic drift = Stormtroopers?

    From (I'm certain many of you have already read this, but I'm pointing it out here too). If this is too similar to another thread, please combine it.

    More stuff confirmed: fresh essence must be taken from Jango periodically because after several thousands of clones, "genetic drift" creeps in.
    Seems to me that if this line or something similar is used in the film, it definitely confirms that Stormtrooper ranks are bad copies of Jango, due to the gene drifting. That would certainly explain how ineffective they are in the OT.

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    I don't know . . .

    I don't know . . . aren't stormtroopers recruits, not clones?
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    Not sure if that was ever specifically stated in any of the movies (stormtroopers being recruits). Remember, Lucas only uses his movies as basis for the prequel story. He won't use anything from the EU stuff. And even then, he isn't very consistent.

    The scene with Luke talking to Biggs in ANH about ditching the imperial flight academy and joining the rebellion was cut, so its not considered canon to Lucas at all.

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    Genetic drift doesn't occur during a person's lifetime. Only progeny of clones could undergo genetic drift. This drift would only occur of course if they were all reproducing with the same type of female in an environment with no external genetic influence. In fact, not a single first-edition clone would actually be genetically identical, but I will spare you the gruesome details.

    Also, Midichlorions are supposed to be mitochondria(a term Lucas made up with the words mitochondrion and chloroplast, both endosymbionts). Mitochondria are only inherited from the mother and not from the father, since there is no room in sperm for them. If this is the case, only male Jedi should gain their unique gift from their mother, not their father. So wouldn't Shmi also have to have Jedi powers? And why would Qui-gon bother asking who the father was?

    I know I'm looking for loopholes and the answer is that's not how it works in their universe. I try. I will go take my new edition of Albert's Cell and sulk in the corner and dream of clones with proper lengthed telomeres.
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    It doesn't make sense to resample from Jango, because the Kaminoans alter the genetics anyway. So they have a second, submissive code.

    LAMA SU : We modified their genetic structure to make them less independent than the original host. As a result they are totally obedient, taking any order without question.
    LAMA SU: Apart from his pay, which is considerable, Fett demanded only one thing - an unaltered clone for himself. Curious isn't it?

    OBI-WAN: Unaltered?

    LAMA SU: Pure genetic replication. No tampering with the structure to make it more docile... and no growth acceleration...

    Genetic drift is for small populations that are reproducing with one another, so it really don't come into play in this scenario. And besides, genetics just code for proteins, there's no military conditioning involved with it. You train to fight. The stormtroopers in the OT are less trained and not prepared for a resistance movement.
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    Re: Clonetroopers + genetic drift = Stormtroopers?

    Originally posted by chewie
    Stormtrooper ranks are bad copies of Jango, due to the gene drifting
    Man, you aint kidding...

    Check out this picture I found of a stormtrooper without his helmet...
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    I'm hoping that at least MOST Stormtroopers are not clones, but people who just joined the imperial war machine once it gets rolling.


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