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    Who will read book?

    I was wondering what the break down is of people who will read the AOTC novel before the movie comes out...anyone?

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    Not me. I may buy it before the movie comes out, but it will stay on the shelf until I see the movie. I know I can resist the temptation, because I did with TPM.

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    I won't Not because I'm worried about spoilers, rather if I read something I really like that isn't in the film, I may be disappointed.

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    Exclamation Wait...

    I did what Sith Vicious did for TPM, so I too think I can resist the urge to sneak a peak before AOTC. Hey, you know those "Can't Eat Just One" ads that Frito Lay had for Lay's Potato Chips? For probably 3-5 years, I would only eat ONE chip per bag, letting anyone else finish it off. Take that, advertising geniuses who came up with that one!
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    I have never waited... I've either gotten the book or the comic adaptations for all the films and it's never spoilt my enjoyment of the films. I guess I'm just odd like that.
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    if i get it, i'll read it. i want to have a general idea of whats going on; the book doesnt follow exactly along with the movie. for instance, in the Episode I novel, theres actually two podrace scenes, and you hear of two in the movie, but you never actually see the first one.
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    Nope, i'll read it after i watch the movie. "First things first".
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    I think I'll hold off until I've seen the movie. I read TPM before the movie and I think it spoiled it a little for me. I'll go ahead and buy it though.
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    Okay, I picked it up and indeed planned on waiting. Then I thought, hmmm I know the first few chapters aren't in the movie, so maybe I can look at those. And now I'm 7 chapters in, I don't think I will stop. I'll look at it as an experiment - I'll compare my experiences of "no early read" (TPM) vs. "early read" with AOTC, and if I really think it was bad for me to read it early, I still have Episode III to go into somewhat fresh.

    No spoilers follow: So far I think I have a decent handle on what will be in the movie and what won't be. It's strange to read a line straight out of the trailers, and sometimes dialogue seems to go on for longer than what George will allow on screen. So far there's nothing major plot-wise that I haven't read about online before, so I don't think I can be too spoiled by it. Also of interest to me is one or two minor character/costume descriptions that seem to be different.

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    The only books I've bought in hardback (others I've received as gifts: Bakura, Courtship, Darksaber) are the Thrawn duology, SOTE, and TPM. I plan to pick up the AOTC one today, but I have a few other SW books (Jedi Quest 1 & 2) plus other books that I can afford to wait a bit. Oh by the way, I have some midterms and finals coming up too!
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