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    Love him or hate him, it looks like you are stuck with Clooney for at least two more Bat-films. For the record I think that Clooney is the most Batman-like in costume. However his Bruce Wayne fell quite short. In all fairness to he and Val Kilmer, they both had a poor Bat-director. As far as overall appeal, my money is still on Keaton. And believe me, when I heard he was awarded the role I was tempted to pass on the first movie all together. And I think that Warner Brothers felt most people might think that way too, look who got top billing! But as the date of the premiere approached, the idea of Keaton ("Mr. Batman" as he was being maligned at the time) as Batman began to grow on me. And I found that I did indeed love him in the role and looked forward to Batman Returns. Of course Nicholson was the ideal choice for the Joker and buzz is that he is keen to reprise the role (hopefully in World's Finest). I had long before the first Batman film cast Danny DeVito as the Penguin so I was thrilled that he got the role.
    So for those of you who think that I prefer Clooney to Keaton, there you have it, I simply do not. But visually, in costume, as Batman, Clooney had the look. And speaking of early fan resistance to Keaton as Batman, and it was widespread, making the post-facto love of Keaton in the role (my own included) all the more ironic. Before its release almost everyone hated that he was going to don the mantle of the Dark Knight Detective. Afterward, and moreso in the wake of two subsequent Bat-actors, everyone pines for Keaton in the role. I bring this up in reference to the (rumored) unlikely choice to play Superman opposite Clooney's Batman in World's Finest, John Travolta. I think that if this is true, his casting would meet resistance that will rival that of Keaton's. I must admit I find him an unusual choice, but I think that his performance could grow on audiences the same way Keaton's did. My dream version of World's Finest, regardless of who plays Superman would be to pit the pair against Nicholson's Joker and Lex Luthor played by Christopher Walken!

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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    And for the record, Clooney looked the most like Batman of the actors since 1989. . . .
    Good lord and butter! Did I make such a heinous typo? I meant Kilmer looked the most like Batman! Clooney looks like a bad 1990s version of Adam West, without the camp appeal.

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    Fugitoid! Yeah, that's it. I know I can alway scount on El Chuxter to know everything. Now, where is that paper I misplaced?

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    I heard about this new Ninja Turtles movie a long time ago at think) but was too lazy to post anything about it.

    If they are making it I sure hope the fighting doesn't suck as much as it did in the first three movies.

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    A CGI turtles flick would kick some serious ***! Especially if they had some of the awesome animation like in Shrek and Final Fantasy, and not the shellbacked Barney suits they wear in the old films.

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    as for Batman, I think that Tim Burton, Micheal Keaton and Danny Elfman should get on it right now. Clooney is a great actor but Batman and Robin sucked beans, the friggin cartoons were darker and spookier, and Keaton just makes a better Bats. If Burton were to do something with The Scarecrow as a villain, I think you've got a winnah!

    I think that an Usagi Yojimbo should appear in the Turtles Film. yep. uh huh. thats right.

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    For me I like Val Kilmer the most as Bruce Wayne/Batman for me he does it as playing the character it was a pitty he didn't do B&R
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    Originally posted by Brave Sir Robin
    If Burton were to do something with The Scarecrow as a villain, I think you've got a winnah!
    Yes! Burton definitely has a thing for scarecrows in his films, so he should make Batman 5 with the Scarecrow. Who should play the good Dr (not Frasier) Crane? How about another Burton stalwart: Jonny Depp?

    It'll never happen.
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    I forget: was Scarecrow a qiuet, plotting villian, or one of those crazy, loose cannon ones? If it's the first, Christopher Walken would be great. For the crazy one, I'd go with Damon Wayans.

    Other Bat-Villians not yet used:
    Killer Croc
    Clay Face
    Tweedle Dee and Dum (NOOOOOO!!!!!!)
    Man Bat (or was he a good guy?)
    King Tut ( )

    Burton was the ONLY good BM director, and Keaton was probably the best BW/BM combo.
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    I sure hope that Burton doesn't do to Planet of the Apes what he did to Batman. That would just be a crying shame.
    I heard that they're going to make another Batman movie called Batman One or something like that.

    In this new Turtles movie I heard that people are going to get killed during the fight scenes unlike the fight scenes in the first movies where people just got beaten up.


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