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    I'm going to Japan.

    I leave on March 22 to go to Japan for 3 years. I'm gonna be stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in Yokosuka, Japan. It's the oldest commisioned ship in the one, the USS Constitution...yes THAT USS Constitution.

    The "good" news is that in 2008 the Kitty Hawk is being decommisioned and being replaced by the USS George Washington which is one of the newer boats in the fleet.

    I'm not sure about my internet access and, most damaging of all, I'm probably gonna have to give up collecting all together, or at least for 3 years.

    It'll be tough but I'm the one that signed on the dotted line and joined up. It could be worse. I could be on the ground like chrisc and SK99 and the 10,000's more soldiers.

    Wish me luck!
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Best of luck to you Slicker!

    Darn, no more Slickers mom jokes.
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    Well, you already have the avatar for it.

    That's my jacket!

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    Good luck Slick from JimJam and I (he's sitting here next to me right now).

    Take care out there on the Kitty Hawk and if you DO get interweb access, you need to check in and post how you are doing ! ! !

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    Best of luck to ya. My buddy was stationed out East for about 9 months or so. He was part of the first group to land in South Korea in X amount of years; very interesting stuff. take it easy!
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    Good luck to you Slick! Stay safe out there
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    Take it easy. Japan should be a fun place to hang out at for three years, unless Godzilla decides to attack. In which case it was nice knowing you.

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    Good luck Slicker.

    You are a good friend and I wish nothing but the best for you.
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    Well Slick, you know I wish you the best of luck. If there is anything you need collecting wise, just LMK and I can grab it for you. We can work out details later on.

    Or you will have one hell of a Christmas when ya visit.
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    I know the odds are slim, but I really hope you can get some leave for Brian's wedding in September.
    The bachelor party won't be the same without you. If you're not there, I'll say "Hi" to "Scarlett" for you at the Bay Road Ballet.

    Remember Cappy's bachelor party?
    He doesn't!
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