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    Talking Cowabunga, dudes!

    I hope this article I just read at IGN Filmforce isn't a mere rumor! If it's for real, we might see another Ninja Turtles movie--even closer in tone to the old comic, and CG instead of costumes. I can see the slogan now: "Hey, dudes, this is no washed-up junkie former child star in a costume!"
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    "... even closer in tone to the old comic," Does this mean there'll be cussing? I seem to recall that good ol' Mike, Don, Raph, and Leo were quite the potty mouths at times. Will Cerberus show up? How about the robot, you know, ol' What's-his-name (Gizmo? Gearo? Fred?)? I never saw the TMNT movies, because they looked so goofy. If there's a new one, they need to say "this isn't your older brother's movie!"
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    Or we could hope it just doesn't suck.
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    I'm actually looking foreward to this one! Turtles III sucked big time, and since CGI nowadays looks great, I think this could be a cool movie!
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    Does anyone know if it'll be set after the other movies or a NEW start to the movie ie How they became mutant turtles etc?

    As long as I see Shredder I'll be happy
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    From what I've heard GNT, this is a completely NEW timeline with the Turtles. I haven't heard anything about Shredder yet, but I too, want him in the movie!
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    Thumbs up

    As long as they make another great ARCADE with the movie, i remember that arcade really rocked, kinda like double dragon but with 4 guys!!!

    Lets see what happens.
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    Bel-Cam, I highly recommend watching the first movie. It's pretty close to the old comics (the storyline is a cross between issues 1, 10, the Leonardo one-shot, and the Return to New York story arc). Parents complained about the violence, though, and 2 and 3 were toned down, though #2 is still a fairly good movie. The third one just sucks.

    GNT, did you know that the Shredder appeared in only two stories of the original series? He died in his first appearance, and a clone returned a couple of years later. But he became the dominant baddie in the cartoon (except for a completely wrong version of the TCRI aliens that they dubbed Krang), and he's the closest thing to an archfoe the Turtles ever had in the comics.

    Did anyone read the comics after it started being published by Image Comics? I picked up one issue, and it was all messed up. Donatello was a cyborg, Raphael wore Shredder's armor, Leonardo had only one arm (though I think this was a result of the final story arc published by Mirage), and Michaelangelo was practically engaged to Horridus from The Savage Dragon. Lousy stuff, and apparently everyone else thought so, since it was canned after less than 15 issues.
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    Isn't TMNT being put out occasionally by, of all strange things, Archie Comics? I love Archie comics, but this one makes NO sense - I know they were putting out TMNT comics at least at some point in the past few years.
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    I have seen similar news about the Turtles in a more serious, gritty, and mature audience oriented venue on Ain't it Cool News, a sight well known for eschewing rumors, no matter how great they may be or how many hits there presence may garner the web site. If Harry Knowles is reporting this, it is true (bearing in mind that anything in the movie biz is subject to being scrapped at a moments notice (i.e.; Batman Year One, scrapped in favor of World's Finest, who isn't pumped about seeing Cloony's Batman play against Superman in the same movie!).
    The report I read suggested something more in keeping with Eastman and Lairds original tales and not the watered down for kids version that gained them popularity and fame. Many felt the pair had "sold out" when their mature property became the stuff of Saturday morning, but I find that a shallow interpretation. Eastman and Laird spent their life savings to produce the premiere issue of TMNT, a gutsy move indeed. I don't begrudge them their success in the least. The Turtles were not the product of a corporate giant like Marvel or DC, engineered to appeal to a predetermined demographic and projected to make a mint. No, those "heroes on the half-shell" came from humble beginings. Like a garage band that now tours the nation and the world, they deserve every iota of thier success.
    And we have to bear in mind that without the commercial success of both the cartoons and the previous films, a movie that addressed the harsh and gritty, pull-no-punches original Turtles would NEVER be considered.
    Finally, I have to agree with El Chuxter about the first movie, it is actually a pretty good adaptation of the turtles for the big screen and a decent first outing.


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