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    The (non-SW) Film Trivia Game!!

    I've started enough of these that I'm not re-stating the rules.

    Which Tim Burton film(s) did the late Phil Hartmann appear in?
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    He was in one of the Pee-Wee movies...I forget what one Tim Burton directed.
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    ya, it was Pee Wees Big Adventure, I think he played a newscaster or some type of reporter. Then he played Captain Carl on Pee Wee's Playhouse, not that it's part of the question....hehe
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    I didn't post the rules 'cause I thought they were known, but that means Captain Spoon has to post a question!

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    O, hehe my bad I did not know the rules, ok let's see.....
    In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure who was the first historical figure that they "grab" once they get the phone booth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Spoon
    In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure who was the first historical figure that they "grab" once they get the phone booth.
    So-Krates? Socrates?
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    Define "grab."

    Napoleon "Short Dead Dude" Bonaparte is the first to come to the present, though not by accident.

    Mr The Kid is the first they bring to the present.

    And Frood Dude is the first one to actually be "grabbed" (albeit by Genghis Khan, not Bill or Ted).
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    I guesse I should have worded it better, I was going for the first person they meant to get for their report. It wasn't Napoleon, he was an accident, he followed the booth, and it wasn't Socrates, he was second
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    Wait, back it up . . . which reporter do you mean? The radio one? Or am I forgetting something?

    EDIT: I remembered that it's the guy from the drive-in at the end. So, uh, move along.
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