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Thread: Tie Defender

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    Talking Tie Defender

    It seems to me that if everyone is into exclusives and the Expanded Universe line then maybe Hasbro needs to listen to fans and give them what they want.
    I was just on ebay and I remember that there was an auction for a custom made 3-3/4 scale TIE DEFENDER. The photos looked great and made me wonder if their was ever any plans to include this fighter design into the ranks of the already made TIE's. I mean we have Vader's modified TIE Advanced, We have the regular TIE, the TIE Interceptor and now the TIE Bomber, why not continue with some of the more obscure ships of the galaxy.
    Recently I even saw bid amounts on ebay for the Action Fleet TIE Defender with outrageous amounts of money. Two of the auctions were already over $100.00. I remember buying mine for only $10.00.
    If the fans are the ones who buy the merchandise why doesn't Hasbro listen??????? I mean is it me or is Hasbro trying to dig itself into a grave.
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    Re: Tie Defender

    Well, IMHO it's really a goofy looking ship. I think that Hasbro needs to finish off making the vehicles and ships from the OT and E1 and E2 before they start dipping into ships from the video games. Not to mention the previous 5 ships from the EU universe have been pretty bad. The only 1 that I really like was the Airspeeder, since it was more to scale with the Snowspeeder in the movies. As for the outrageous bids on the Action Fleet Tie Defender, that was because the ship was a late release as the line was cancelled, and never made it out there in large quantities. I think if Tycho ran a poll, there would be more fan support for a properly scaled TIE Fighter over the TIE Defender.

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    Yeah, JJB's right, the outrageous bids on the AF Tie Defender are mostly because it was severely limited along with the E-wing.

    I would like to see the TIE Defender though, that's a really cool ship however I'd like to see some OT/E1 vehicles made like the Gian Speeder and Sith Infiltrator before they go to EU, plus there hasn't been a game out with the TIE Defender in a few years so alot of people who don't play games alot wouldn't really know what it is and might not be interested.
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    Talking Sith Inflitrator

    I agree a Sith Inflitrator would be a great ship to have in any collection. It is similar to Boba Fett in a way, the most popular ship from Episode I yet the least amount of screen time. Wasn't there plans for making an action fleet version of the ship when the line was being made for the movie?
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I want a Sith Infiltrator too. The LEGO set is nice, but I want the actual ship also. Darth Maul was made a zillion times by Hasbro, so why cant we at least get his ship?? I guess this should go in the Dear Hasbro forum, but I believe it has already been posted in there before.
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    I'd buy a large scale TIE defender and E-wing, but I'm not sure how much of a demand there is for this. Has hasbro ever done a study of what percentage of their sales are to kids versus collectors? I'd imagine kids wouldn't have much interest in this. I'd personally be happy if they'd re-release the action fleet versions.

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    I normally don't like EU designs and characters and stuff but the TIE defender is actually a half decent design. If at some point in the future hasbro decided to produce it then I would buy a couple for my Imperial armada. God knows where I'd put them but I like the tri-wing configuration. I guess they'd have to put it out with some kind of stand because you couldn't rest it anywhere or the wings would end up bent. Especially with the new softer plastics used in toy manufacture these days. But Yes it's a solid idea but not terribly practical right now with the call for classic trilogy and prequel toys being greater than the call for EU stuff. Perhaps this would be good in a very non movie year like 2004. Before the true hype for episode three whips us all into a rabid frenzy.

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    Nice design... little demand...

    I have a feeling that if this actually did get made... it would probably go to some little chain like FAO. There aren't THAT many stores and would justify the small numbers they would produce. I think it is a very nice design and would love to see them finish off the T.I.E. ships. Chances are, though, it will never see the light of day. Finish of the ones in the films and I will be happy.
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    It's not may favorite EU design either, but I would probably buy one also. At least it looks interesting and marginally unique as opposed to lots of EU ships which either don't look like they have any place in the Star Wars universe or are cobbled together from actual film ships, like the X-Tie, the "pirate" ships cobbled together from Tie Fighters and Xwing parts. That was possibly the stupidest ship ever to be mentioned in the EU novels.
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    I do think we need to see some more movie based vehicles, but I would LOVE to see some EU vehicles too! I'd be willing to make room in my meager budget for both. Here's what I'd like to see:

    Tie Defender
    Chiss Fighter (with pilot)
    Yuuzhan Vong Coralskipper (with pilot)
    The Hound's Tooth (Bossk's ship)
    Xizor's Virago (which was planned at one point as I recall...)
    Guri's Stinger
    The Wild Kaarde
    Lando's Ladyluck
    Corran Horn's X-Wing (with figure!)
    Tycho's X-Wing (with figure!)
    Nym's ship from the Starfighter game
    and Jix, Big Gizz, and Spiker on their Swoops


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