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    About 5 months ago though I walked into TRU and found that they had opened about 10 cases of the Stormtrooper CTC wave and they were 1.98 each. I was honestly so happy I think I couldve wet myself, because I had had to order one off the net and it was one of my favorite figures ever.

    I picked up about a dozen I think and I still wish I had gotten more.....
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    Well, the Jury is still out on this one, but I was thinking of picking up the Eopie/Qui Gon on E-bay when it was going for around $50 bucks. Now its up to $80plus. I'm not going to pay that. I will have to hope that they slip them out to some outlet shops. Otherwise, this completist will be missing this piece.

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    Vintage - Passed on the A-Wing repeatedly because it was released under the Droids imprint and not the new Power of the Force. Even though I opened all of my vehicles, I refused to buy something from Droids. Also the original Skiff. I only ever saw it at Circus World (a now-defunct in-mall toys store), a store notorious for high prices. Decided to wait to find it at JC Penny, Toys R Us, Best, or Sears. Never happened and CW went out of business.

    Modern - That is tough to define because pretty much anything I may have missed was because I never saw it in the stores to pass it up in the first place. I wish I had bought all four of the Skiffs that were available when I was at Target one day and the shelves were bare. As I was about to leave an employee rounded the aisle with a basket containing cases of toys including four Skiffs (I bought two, one for me, one for my best friend). But at the same time the guy had two cases of the (at the time) brand new Simpsons figures. I managed to buy two full sets of the first wave in one swoop (again for me and my friend). I probably sould have picked up more than four Fambaas at half price at FAO, but even at half price, those guys add up. But at least Sith Worm got to fill in a blank in his collection.

    I never saw the Pit Droids 2-Pack (3.75"), Sio Bibble, Admiral Motti, Han Solo/Taun Taun, Trade Federation Battle Tank, Luke/Wampa, Darth Maul 12", R2-Q5, Falumpaset/Battle Wagon, or Eopie/Qui-Gon Jinn on store shelves. Through the help of Sith Worm, Bubba Fatt, and some eBay auctions I was able to buy all of these at or around regular retail prices. With the exeption of the Eopie & Qui-Gon Jinn which eludes me to this day. I have a Fambaa in reserve to trade for one should the opportunity arise.

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    Last year when the Y-Wings first came out I didn't think that they were that great looking and besides it was the time the 12" Speederbikes were out. One night I was at Target and there were 8 of them sitting on the shelf and I didn't care about them because I already had one and It never crossed my mind that an extra one could have been great trading bait for the future. The next day I ventured into another Target looking for the Speederbike again only to see another 5 Y-wings cluttering the space where the SpeederBike should have been. Ok enough Y-wings , where is the Speederbike?

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    The first wave of 1995 orange-carded figures. I don't know how many times I passed that huge display at Walmart, thinking that they looked pretty stupid and that the line would definitely be dead after Christmas. In any case, I wasn't going to waste my money on toys. Then the madness began. I got the last orange Luke Skywalker from a bargain bin at Value City, and that was the last one that I have ever seen at retail. I started collecting just in time to avoid having to resort to scalpers.
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    I'd forgotten. I'm no variant collector, but I saw a one-hand no-circle Fett in a K-Mart once. Obviously I did not buy it; well I did bye-bye it.
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    I passed on Amidala with ascension gun *sob*.....I'm still too traumatised to go on.......

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    Would probably have to be the UK version of the AT-ST with Stormtrooper or UK Tie-Fighter with Stormtrooper or whatever they were.
    Another has to be Orange Carded Boba Fett with nothing on either hands.......

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    A friend and I saw the EU figures (Thrawn etc)at a gaming store so they were a wee bit higher in price and I told him to wait on them because I was thinking the SOTE stuff was around forever, this stuff would be too. We never saw them again. Well, we eventually got the figures we wanted but we had to pay thru the nose to get 'em (I don't think he ever got everybody he wanted.) Fast forward a few years, my friend is at target and sees the Skiffs are on sale. he comes home and tells me, but by the time I get there, pfffft. All gone. But the sales sign is still up, so I ask for a raincheck on two of them. I still have that raincheck slip....

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