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    Now if you want to get technical, probably one of the most stupid things I did was to pass up the Weequay on freeze frame, you know, the one that went from retail to like $200 plus overnight. Anyways sometime a couple years ago, like right when they came out, everyone knew it was gonna go up, it already had started selling for more, then on yakface's page they had them at $7.00 a piece, listen to me, $7.00 a piece, he wrote on the website jump over there, they arent lasting long, well hey, I figured if one site has them, usually a few more follow, then the scalper/resale price drops, right? WRONG, a couple months later it was a $200 plus figure. I don't know how much it goes for these days, but I'll bet it's alot more then $6.99 yeah I'll definitly bet that. I knew I should have bought it then. Just out of curiousity did anybody else see that or do the same thing? My friend saw it, he bought a few, and for whatever it was 20-30 bucks he spent, he had 2 to keep, and the others he had bought, he traded off, and let me tell you, he didnt get 20-30 bucks worth of stuff in return he got like $400-$500 worth of stuff in return. I remember most was expensive but not so popular stuff that he had missed that never wanted to pay the prices for, other was hot new figures, YOU GET MY POINT, I should have bought the dam WEEQUAYS on the freeze frame carddddd. By the way, Pathfinder, your Target post was very funny

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    Han, Chewie and the Emperor minted coin editions.
    As always...........L

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    Did you ever get the orange carded originals? Or do you still need them? I have found that some people have better luck than I do finding the new stuff (like Shmi Skywalker and the X-Wing Pilot Luke I want) but were too late for the orange cards (or even other later releases), so I have plenty to trade 1:1 for newer stuff...

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    I passed on ascenion gun Amidala, too. I cry myself to sleep every night about it.

    Question: Is your local Target still carrying SW merchandise? There are seven Targets in my area, and two of them have rezoned for Christmas and there is no peg space for SW. I have to drive 20 minutes or so to find a Target with SW. Just wondering.

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    I haven't been to Target in over six weeks. Old Ben and Tusken Raiders were languishing on the pegs for months before that. I haven't been very aggressive in seeking out the new figs, either.....


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