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    Exclamation Best of the best of the best SIR!

    So.......what are the BEST figs of the main characters? Sculpt, detail, accessories, accuracy, etc.
    Leia- Bespin Escape (size, likeness)
    Chewie- Mechanic (size)
    Luke- X-Wing Pilot (POTJ) (face, sculpt)
    Han- Death Star Escape (sculpt, face, pose)
    Lando- POTJ Bespin Escape (sculpt, likeness)
    R2-D2- Naboo Escape (don't know, just cool)
    C-3P0- Millenium Coin
    Vader- Commtech
    Stormtrooper- Commtech (articulation)
    Qui-Gon- Jedi Training (just cool)
    Obi-Wan- soft goods (face, sculpt, etc)
    Maul- Tatooine Showdown (really cool face and action pose)
    Jar Jar- N/A
    Queen Amidala- Theed Invasion (likeness, detail, sculpt, accuracy)
    Anakin- Mechanic (articulation, accessory)

    So that is my list. I still think that they could improve on Lando (make a better General), Han (all purpose version), Threepio (just a really good one), and Anakin (still doesn't really look like him quite enough).
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    I will agree, except for the R2-D2. I have to go with the Holographic Leia one.
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    Ok here goes:

    Luke: Bespin Luke
    Han Solo: Taun Taun Han Solo
    Leia: Bespin Escape
    Chewie: Mechanic
    Darth: Darth w/removable helmet
    Obi Wan: POTJ (old version)
    R2: FX R2
    C3PO: Minted coin
    Lando: POTJ
    Stormie: Last version of the POTF2 line
    Emperor: FX

    Qui Gonn: Eopie version
    Obi Wan: Second version of the EP1 line
    Darth Maul: Original EP1
    Jar jar: POTJ
    Amidala: Theed invasion
    Darth Sidious: Holo version
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    Queen Amidala- Theed Invasion
    Leia Organa- Bespin Escape
    Chewbacca- Mechanic
    Darth Sidious- Hologram
    Han Solo- Death Star Escape
    R2-D2- Leia Holograph and E1
    C-3P0- Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene
    Darth Vader- Commtech
    Boba Fett- 300th Figure
    Qui-Gon Jinn- Jedi Robes
    Obi-Wan Kenobi- Cold Weather Training
    Darth Maul- E1
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    Arrow Mine...

    Leia- POTF2 Jabba's Prisoner (sorry...)
    Chewie- POTF2 Death Star Escape Cin. Scene
    Luke- POTF2 Bespin Outfit
    Han- POTF2 Death Star Escape Cin. Scene
    Lando- POTF2 Skiff Guard
    R2-D2- POTF2 w/ Holo Leia
    C-3P0- POTF2 Millenium Coin
    Vader- POTF2 Rem. Helmet
    Stormtrooper- POTF2 Sandtrooper w/ Dewback
    Qui-Gon- Mos Espa Disguise
    Obi-Wan- Cold Weather Gear
    Maul- E1 w/ Sith Speeder
    Jar Jar- E1 Naboo Swamp
    Queen Amidala- E1 Coruscant
    Anakin- E1 Naboo Pilot
    Fett - 300th figure
    Yoda - POTF2 Flashback Photo

    Not many POTJ versions, actually!
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    My choices (so far)...

    Luke-POTJ X-Wing
    Leia-POTJ Bespin Escape
    Han-POTJ DSE
    Chewie-POTJ Mechanic
    Threepio-POTF2 removable limbs
    Artoo-COMMTECH with holo Leia
    Boba Fett-300th (natch!)
    Anakin-Ep1 Tatooine
    Amidala-POTJ Theed Gown
    Obi-Wan-Ep1 soft goods
    Qui-Gonn.......(still waiting)
    Maul-Ep1 soft goods
    Battle Droid-POTJ Security
    JarJar-POTJ Tatooine (I think I'm the only person in the world who likes this figure.)
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