I got to thinking that this would be good therapy for all of us who have blown our one big chance, or chances, only to regret it later.
For example: My white whale used to be the POTF orange carded Jawas. I was at a Wal-Mart looking for anything new and not expecting much. After spending a few moments searching, a guy comes up and plucks this rare fig right off the peg! We talked for a few minutes and I laughed it off. as We were talking this boy comes up and asks if there are any left. I tell him, "Nope, I looked pretty hard, I think he found the only one, sorry." We all go are seperate ways, and as I'm walking by the aisle just a few minutes later I see the kid walk out with ANOTHER Jawas! I couldn't beleive it - he had obviously stashed one somewhere and came back as soon as we left. I had been out-smarted by an 11 year old! Oh well, I hope he had fun with it.
Other misses: an 80's Micro Machine Falcon (passed it 'cause it wasn't complete) an original A-wing (he wouldn't sell it to me for $20) and a remote controlled sandcrawler (because it didn't have the remote). I ended up buying a bunch of stupid mini-rigs! (I DID get a complete Luke Stormtrooper for $3 so I guess I wasn't all bad!)