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    Question What was the best thing you've passed up and kicked yourself for later?

    I got to thinking that this would be good therapy for all of us who have blown our one big chance, or chances, only to regret it later.
    For example: My white whale used to be the POTF orange carded Jawas. I was at a Wal-Mart looking for anything new and not expecting much. After spending a few moments searching, a guy comes up and plucks this rare fig right off the peg! We talked for a few minutes and I laughed it off. as We were talking this boy comes up and asks if there are any left. I tell him, "Nope, I looked pretty hard, I think he found the only one, sorry." We all go are seperate ways, and as I'm walking by the aisle just a few minutes later I see the kid walk out with ANOTHER Jawas! I couldn't beleive it - he had obviously stashed one somewhere and came back as soon as we left. I had been out-smarted by an 11 year old! Oh well, I hope he had fun with it.
    Other misses: an 80's Micro Machine Falcon (passed it 'cause it wasn't complete) an original A-wing (he wouldn't sell it to me for $20) and a remote controlled sandcrawler (because it didn't have the remote). I ended up buying a bunch of stupid mini-rigs! (I DID get a complete Luke Stormtrooper for $3 so I guess I wasn't all bad!)

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    Exclamation ARG!

    That stupid Darth Vader with removable helmet! I saw him at Target at retail price and I didn't buy him because I instead bought a Batman 4-Pack!1 ARG!
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    A few things: AT-ST (U.S. box of course), SOTE Outrider, and the original 1995 X-Wing Fighter in the Green Box. If only I could go back...............

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    Originally posted by Lone Jedi
    A few things: AT-ST (U.S. box of course
    The thing about Australia is that all the rare things in america are usually shelf/pegwarmers here!

    Worst thing would have to be not picking up the freeze frame fett every time I saw it because I had the first version!
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    Angry Weequay FF..and others

    Everytime I see that figure I feel like pulling my hair out,......I was lucky to get a few of them and the At-St driver when they first came out...I got a set for the Philp of and the extra I got sold to them to members of the Action figure Online Board 8-10.00 each...Not Knowing it was going to be a VHTF figure....I only kept Tie,and Fett...

    And the Skiff at target,.....pass on those thinking those are going to be around..Until the Variation on Luke's Hand and I never saw them again.......

    Oh Well....................


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    A bantha with a sandperson riding for $20.I hate myself!
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    Sio bibble, pit droids and battle Amidala. I didn't have enough money to get all of them, so I got the hooded Leia instead.

    Also regret not picking up the primal scream Qui Gon and the extra Lukes and Tauntauns for $5 each.

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    CTC Stormtrooper. I saw 3 of them and all the rifle racks were warped/bent, so I passed on them.

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    Last year, I was at Target right about the time the Skiffs were first released and they had EIGHT of them all stacked up. That's right, EIGHT!

    Well this was before we all found out how horrible Target was going to be with their exclusives, so I assumed that they would still have several the next day. I decided to just get one to open and come back another time for one to keep in box.

    I bet ya'll can guess how many Skiffs I ever saw again at ANY Target.
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    mm...I would have to say...the extra COMMtech Stormies that I saw at Toys R us one time...if I'd known just how hard to get they were, I would have tried to build an army of em'
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