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    Attack of the Clones BOOTLEG!!

    Ok, you probably thought something to the effect that I found and watched a bootleg for AOTC. I didn't though. Just curious about something in the future. I remember a few weeks after Episode 1 I bought a bootleg of it. It was perfect quality and widescreen with subtitles in arabic at the bottom. What's a good place to go to, to maybe find an Episode II bootleg after its release. You can PM me if ya want. It's an illegal subject after all
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    You really should'nt admit to participating in illegal activities in a public forum such as this.

    Plus, I hope you have since purchased a legitimate copy of Episode 1.
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    Ah, the bootlegging question. Episode 1 saw its fair share of digitizing, and just for research, I tried to find it. Within an hour, I had a download secured, on what would be a TPM MPEG with Cambodian subtitles. But I also had a couple dozen other locations with other movies, pictures, and other downloads. It was a virtual playland, but one I didn't abuse.

    There is a big difference between physical and digital bootlegging. The buying/selling of stolen product is quite criminal, and can be punished, usually with severe fines. But digital is more lucrative, and how can you destroy a file that's being leeched onto servers across the world. It's a difficult task, one that probably will never be fully realized, because of the lack of copyright laws in other countries who are the prime creators of these bootlegs.

    But let's face it. Legitimate copies of the movies are clearer, with a better resolution and enhanced sound quality. There's really no replacement for either a theatre experience, at home or at the cinema.

    So you can go a hunt through Chinatown looking for a copy, spend hours looking for a decent digital copy, but my advice is to just go to a matinee, and enjoy the suberb quality that our cinema systems have to offer.

    Trust me, with the 2100-2200 CG-enhanced shots in AOTC, it's going to be a movie you don't want to watch at home.
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    pirating games and movies is dumb. software however....
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    Yeah... that was the foreign markets Preview Screener VCD. I have a copy of it. I haven't seen anything like this circulating around the web yet. My friend downloaded the whole thing- he had roadrunner, so the download was rather quick.
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    It was something to hold me over. I still saw Episode I many times in theatres and yes I did buy the legit video and DVD. The screener like I said was just to keep me busy until they released it, what, twenty years later. Well, it seemed like it. I hear though that they plan to release both VHS and DVD by Christmas or at least the VHS. Anybody else hear this?
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    Before Thanksgiving, actually. Although conflicting reports have it in either November or the end of October. Not bad, considering it won't be leaving theatres until July. 90 days from silver screen to TV screen!

    VHS? Ugh. How quaint.

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    Vee Haych Ess

    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    VHS? Ugh. How quaint.
    Yeah... but you know- some of these studios are going to do what they can to keep the format alive...

    you're too funny.
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    Re: Vee Haych Ess

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr

    Yeah... but you know- some of these studios are going to do what they can to keep the format alive...

    you're too funny.
    I would not put it past George and Rupert to come out with a VHS set that comes with exclusive footage or an exclusive figure or something just to get us to buy both the VHS and DVD versions.

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    Yeah, the main thing I hate about the video tapes is the fact that all of my trilogies are worn out. I actually have to buy new copies cuz I've watched them too much and there starting to deteriorate. Hopefully, this problem won't happen with DVD.
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