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    The Gungan Frontier?

    Anyone played The Gungan Frontier? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth $10, but the packaging doesn't indicate whether it's a Sim-type game or a cheesy kids' game.
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    *shudders uncontrolably*

    It's definately for kids. Run away while you still can. I don't think I'd install it even if I got it for free.

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    What is the game about?? i'm guessing is for pc right? I remember a pc game also it was a RPG featuring Luke, Yoda and R2, but every time u played it the scenario would change with the mission. It was a kid game also. Is this gungan frontier like that??
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    The game your talking about is Yoda Stories. I love that game.
    Gungan frontier is were you have to set up a habitat for the Gungans to live in.

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    Thumbs up

    ohh ok, like Sim Earth or Populous!! I like those kind of games!!
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