View Poll Results: If more than 1 collector shows up at your store at the same time, what do YOU do?

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  • Share everything equally until the demand is best satisfied

    229 39.62%
  • Run down the isle and hoard all that you can

    128 22.15%
  • Hoard first, check that you got it all, then share with whoever's there

    178 30.80%
  • Hoard all that you can, then only give up stuff for trades (at that time or later)

    26 4.50%
  • Get what's left over, or count on other collectors to be kind to you

    17 2.94%
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    Hello sithmajic21.I bet I am happier to hear that than your wife is.J/K .
    I have a life it just seems to be a fun thing to go do.
    I personally would share and worry about anything I missed later.You're right they will be everywhere.To me I'd be trading my dignity for a toy.Oh well that's just me.I would hope to be able to have the experience BigB had than some of the others I've heard of.Good luck everyone and try and make it a good experience for everybody(except scalpers)!!!!
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    My goal as a collector is to get one of every figure.
    So , if i happen to be there when a new box is opened and pegged, i grab one of every fig.
    I occasionally grab a couple extra army type figs but not anywhere near like some.

    That 4% statistic is probably right , its tough getting the new ones when the pegs are always empty of new stock.

    Ive never happened to see a 'builder' buying figs when i was there, typically because I buy at normal times. (i work and find it a little sad that some people would actually wait in line on a daily basis for toys that can be gotten eventually by other means.)

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    welcome to BANTHABOY, sithmajic21, and aikman.Your post numbers suggest you may be new and I just wanted to recognize you.have fun.And share your toys(so's not to this post moved get moved)
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    thanks dude, happy to meet fellow collectors.
    I like hearing others views on star wars collecting
    gotta admit though, i thought i was a nut buying one of every figure, ive notice here there are a few doooooozies

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    Ooh, sorry Tycho - I wasn't considering the fact that you were thinking of Midnight Madness with this poll. I still vote "horde then share" because there are only a handful of items I want. However, if I was going for the full complete set of available goods, I would definitely share until demand is best satisfied.

    bigb, I like your '99 story, I had some similar experiences and it was a fun time.

    Wolfy, that BoShek story is the perfect example of what I meant by grabbing what I want and then sharing.

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    while i'm looking forward to the release of E2 figs just as much as the next collector, i have agree with sithmagic21 - at 12:01 on april 23rd i'll be peacefully enjoying my shuteye and not even thinking about messing with hoards of collectors and scalpers.

    i have no doubt that there will be ample supplies of figs and toys up to and well after the release of the movie and i'll be able to find whatever figs i want at my leisure. i personally think the whole midnite madness thing is just a marketing gimmick to get everyone into a needless frenzy. remember E1? same thing - there was no shortage of anything, save the last wave, and those are still easily found in some TRU's clearance bins.

    i would hope that all you hardcore, army-building collectors would realize this and have the decency to limit your initial binge, allowing everyone the opportunity to purchase some new E2 figs before building your armies. if you're not starting your own star wars/hasbro timeline diorama museum, what do you do with 20 stormtroopers or 30 geonosian troopers anyway?
    "I'm getting too old for this kind of thing"

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    mercy, kindness, altruism, etc.

    Being dealt the misfortune of living in N.Y.C. where there's very little of the very few & highly in demand, where there's plenty of competition among genuine collectors and $*%!@&*!! scalpers, I usually have to count on the blessings of kind, bona fide collectors and the leftovers, if any, of "the bleeped out" ignants!!!
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    Don't get me wrong, the midnight maddness thing will be a hoot! I actually attended the one back in 99 and had a good time...I let the other "little boys" run down the isles while I patiently waited for the things I was looking for. I guess I have a problem with some collectors...I don't like the thought of a bunch of grown men running down a childs toy isle to rip and scratch for a childs toy...just something embarassing and creepy about it.

    Let me tell you why I have a problem with SOME collectors...mind you I said "some" collectors. Back in 96-97 when the new resculpted Boba Fett was released, I was all over creation looking for this figure. The hobby had not caught on yet to the majority of the collecting community so it was very easy to walk into any Target or Wal-Mart and 9 times out of 10, find what you were looking for. This "golden age" I like to call it came to an abrupt end one day when I realized who I was sharing this hobby with...

    I was at Target one morning around 9:30 with my friend Chris, looking for that treasured Boba Fett when all of the sudden, I found him. There he was, in all his glory, Boba Fett! Only one left...I kneeled down to pick up the figure from the low lying peg, when "it" showed up. A grown man came up, TOOK the figure from out of my hand, said "I've been looking all day for this" and took and chris stood there stunned. He TOOK an item from my hand....didn't ask,.....I don't think he even took a breath the whole 8 seconds he was there. Suffice to say, I wanted to know who this guy was and what was going through his mind when he TOOK and item from my item I was going to purchase! The guy walked like there was a fire somewhere..we followed him out..he was completely oblivious of our presence. He got into his mothers beat up toyota and took off...yes, it was his mothers..we found out. The stockboy we talked to later said his name is John and that he comes into the store every morning at opening and pesters the stockers about star wars...we thought only the hot wheels guys came in that early(no offense hot wheels no problem with you)! He was about 35, overweight, unshaven, badly dressed and rude as hell...typical.
    Anyway, the stockboy said he had some more Boba's in the back so me and my friend were still able to purchase one.

    After that day, I noticed the months went by I noticed more grown men running for the toy isle, passing up mothers and thier children, hiding items.....basically making a fool out of themselves. Eventually I stopped going in the mornings because I was embarassed to be associated with "those guys". Soon I noticed associates in stores stopped being friendly about toy questions, collector restrictions popped up, toy companies started releaseing "chase" figures (playmates, mcfarlane) and stockers stopped stocking items first thing in the mornings. I realized that this hobby was not going to be fun anymore....and it hasn't....till online stores came around. I would rather pay ten to twenty dollars more for an item, than be in competition
    with "those guys" and lower myself.

    Not all collectors are like this...some have gone through the same thing I went through.

    To the collectors who do this kind of thing, thanks for destroying the toy collecting hobby...and John, I know you read this post...there are things you just don't do John...pray you never take anything out of my hand again.

    Now you know why I have a problem with some of you.....

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    you actually let someone take it out of your hand?
    I understand the shock but if anyone did that to me they would be laid out on the floor

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    I recall the last midnight madness as the staff at Toysrus gave a less than appealing attempt to dress in character while we waited for the doors to open.
    I shall be there again, wielding my saber in hopes to zone in on the vast array of new figures.
    I voted to share cause the last thing I need is a young kid who stayed up way to late looking over my shoulder as I try to hoard all the clone troopers I can until I see that look of desperation in his eye.. cant do it..
    Last time they had a setup where the toys were spread all over the store. I hope they do the same this time. I think I will concentrate on the 12" figures and maybe one set plus a few doubles for my kid... regardless, it will be fun as the anticipation builds...
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