View Poll Results: If more than 1 collector shows up at your store at the same time, what do YOU do?

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  • Share everything equally until the demand is best satisfied

    229 39.62%
  • Run down the isle and hoard all that you can

    128 22.15%
  • Hoard first, check that you got it all, then share with whoever's there

    178 30.80%
  • Hoard all that you can, then only give up stuff for trades (at that time or later)

    26 4.50%
  • Get what's left over, or count on other collectors to be kind to you

    17 2.94%
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    Don't get me wrong, I have shared with people. My friends and I buy for each other. But there are those people (scalpers) who I have snatched needed figures out from under their noses.

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    New figure hoarding.

    I voted hoard first and share later because with all the new Ep2 toys coming out, it reminds me of what happened in 1999 at the midnight TRU sale. I got to the store 45 minutes before it opened and was one of the first 10 there. By the time 12 am rolled around, there were 30-40 people behind me. When my buddy, who was the manager opened the door, everyone pushed, clawed, and broke their way past the first few people and attacked the SW sections like buzzards picking a carcass clean. I stood back, knowing full well that Walmart was opening there section up that night also. One guy, the first one to the section, got every Darth Maul and ran to the checkout. Others were filling up carts will everything from Jabba Globs to Jar Jar dolls. When I finally got to the figures, there was one Amidala and one Padme figure left. I bought these, so I could get that cheesy certificate, and went to Walmart. They had everything, even Maul, and at a dollar cheaper. There wasn't even anyone else on the aisle, so I got my pick of the litter. I am not an advocate for Walmart, nor a employee, but with the soaring prices on these figures and the hoarders, Wally world may be the way to go for some. I know I'll go there first to avoid the crowd.:happy:

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    Maybe not this time

    Great collecting stories here. I was sitting in the middle of the CA desert during the last MM It was compliments of Uncle Sam and me being Active Duty I got the C3PO wave at the PX out there a week before they were suppost to be released so that was cool. I have shared figures with others in the store. I couldn't and still can't afford to build any type of Army. Although I do have quite a large collection of Sandtroopers(Ebay) and a VERY large Battle Droid collection(Army Reserves, quite a long story). Like I posted before, I am on the inside. I am a store Mgr for TRU. There has been alot of interest as of late for a MM opening but in my area they still aren't sure if it is going to be so. I really don't see a large rush even if we do. Mabybe 20 people at the most. Everything will be out for all to grab, hord, share, etc. I am going to be taking my video camera to tape the doors opening just to have something to look back at. AND I will only be buying one thing that first night, 12" Obi Wan. I am leaving it out for all to enjoy. I'll get enjoyment out of that.
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    I won't lie, if I see another collector (at least one that I'm unfamiliar with, which, thanks to JediOKC isn't likely) I'll work to beat him or her to the asle and grab the figure(s) I'm after.
    I wouldn't..y'know, take a figure from a kid's or another adults hands. BUT will he/she get the poopy eye look from me? You bet

    That's not true. I wouldn't....well...okay maybe I'd give em' the poopy eye...but that's all. I promise.

    Nothing wrong with a little running down asles to get figures Good excercise, no?
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    Oh my.
    I remember M/M from '99.

    It was insane. All the people who were trying to get rich.. and QUICK off the figures. People who weren't even collectors.

    My local ToysRus placed all the figures in those plastic kiddie swimming pools - good move on their part.

    Doors opened... people swarmed the store like locusts. I got there an hour early, and there were already 40 people in line.

    Neat that they gave out Pop-Tart sticks, tho.

    At that time, I was still collecting pretty heavily (My chemistry teacher got me back into it - he also worked at TRU) but tended to be satisfied with only one of each... and sometimes only one of the ones I liked. I can proudly admit to having never bought one single Jar-Jar.

    However, while people were digging like rabid dogs for that elusive Darth Maul.. and yes he was in my area.. I happened to find an extra. I said, "Darth Maul," threw it up above the pool - NEVER TOUCHED THE GROUND.

    I found everyone I wanted except Mace Windu... and saw some guy walking out with 4 of them in his hands.... grrr. Found him, subsequently, at Walmart later that night.

    M/M is fun for the rush. However, I'm not really a collector anymore.. I kinda quit after the 4th wave of Ep1 and only picked up a few here and there. I did actually buy the new Clone Trooper and Jango Fett, tho. Just couldn't resist.

    To the army builders: Now I know why I could never find that stinkin' Biker Scout figure (my all-time favourite Imperial Stock Troop)... hehe. Knaw, I understand the method to the madness... but WHY? WHY? WHY?

    I chose to hoard then share because it's always best to look out for #1... but it's also nice to help someone out if they really look a genuine fan. It's also nice to hand someone the figure they want when they're behind you and you're among the lucky people pressed against the shelves with people pushing your eyes closer and closer to those pegs (true story.. nearly got blinded by some large, burly fellow). I completely and totally hate scalpers. It's a dirty dirty business. Especially when you sell jacked up prices for contempory figures to wee ones. Thank God for the internet places who get figures in pretty close to street date and sell at reasonable prices.

    With Ep2 approaching.. who knows? I may get back into it. Then again, Jedi Knight 2 has been calling my name all week to upgrade my system so I can run it - I own a Dinosaur of a computer. Guess once you're a fan.... you're always a fan.
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    Just to set the record straight, what is the minimum amount of time that has to pass after a figure's release before it is OK to army build?

    I once found over thirty Commtech Stormtroopers at TRU for $2 apiece. I bought thirty of them and left the store happy as a hog in....well, you know. Two reasons I think this may have been justified:

    1. I found them in March 2001, almost a year and a half after their release date. I figured whoever really wanted them had ample time to get them. (I had just got back from Korea, I had no idea they were rare)

    2. Well.....I had just gotten back from Korea, where I spent an entire year without seeing a single figure. I decided I deserved to splurge.

    What do you guys think?
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    Last midnight madness there were about 60-75 people at the Toys R Us that I went to. All went well. There were more than enough figures and they brought out more as some of the pegs were emptied. People were asking for others to hand them certain figures and all were happy to help. I don't know of anyone in Indianapolis that went out within 24 hours of the release of E1 figures that did not find what they were looking for. I will be going with freinds who collect as well. I may grab a few of each figure and then share with friends (especially since it will be my best friend's birthday the 23rd). I will keep 1 of each and then put the extras back on the pegs. It should not be a problem this time finding each figure. There will be many places to get the figures in Indianapolis with 4 Toys R Us doing midnight madness, 4 Wal-Marts that are open 24 hours and 4 Meijer stores open 24 hours. Then 6 Targets and 4 K-Marts opening the next day at 8. And if you want to pay a little more than the $6 the figures will be going for at the previously mentioned places, there are several Kay Bee and Kay Bee Toy Works to buy the figures. The key will be to buy them that first day. Have fun and be friendly.
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    Sir...the army's revolting!


    You got 30 of the COMM-Tech Stormtroopers? go!

    I have stated in the past that Army building in my view is not necessarily a good thing, but I would like to clairify or rather amend my stance.

    While I have been guilty of building armys...(does 5 stormtroopers count...or is that a platoon or squadron?) I at least give it a good month or 2 before I start buying mulitples of figures. In the case of you snagging all the Stormtroopers at TRU in the $2.00 bin....GOOD FOR YOU! That's the way to do it.... I have to admit, I think I may have pulled out another 4 - 5 COMM-Tech ST's for me too...but I always made sure to leave some behind for others.

    I would say that it would be cool to start snagging figures for armies after you notice the figure hanging or about a month or 2 after it's release. I would like to say wait till it hangs...but let's face it...some of these figures are so freaking hard to get....CM-ST for example...and well, you can't be standing around waiting for someone to come up and want one. If I was in your situation, and I had the money for it...I would have done the same. If a kid wanted one, sure, I would of given him some....but still, I would of bought as many of them as I could.

    I hope this doesn't make me a hipocrite, but I have done serious thinking on this subject. It's the law of the land and he who dies with the most toys....still dies!

    I commend all of you on building your armies and the really ambitious people that make dioramas or scenese out of them. I have no talent like that. I'd rather recreate a lightsaber duel with the electronic sabers, or have a blaster battle... I just can't make a model or drawing that detailed for a small sized figure....I guess it's a sign that my imagination is slowly starting to deteriorate.


    Take care everyone, and MTFBWY!
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    You are absolutely correct about the Commtech Stromtroopers. But they were never hard to find and they had been out for forever before they were at that price. But the Clone Trooper preview figures are a different story. I bought 1 online to keep in the package. When I was lucky enough to find 1 at a Wal-Mart in a small Indiana town, I bought it and opened it up. I would not have bought any more than 1 if there were several on the shelf, because they are still hard to find unless you pay a little more online.
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    Those of you defending your Stormtrooper legions by saying "Well they were out for over a year..." really need to re-evaluate your arguments.

    Trust me, as I AM one of those in the morning crowd: the troopers were nowhere near as plentiful in the original retail price release as they were at the clearance sale time.

    Realistically, that was the first normal quantity released of them. The fact that there were tons of them meant nothing to the collector who arrived late after an army builder or a scalper had been there.

    Still, I defend the army builder, because if he wants them, he'll make sure he knows when to be there to raid the bins for 50 of them, or whatever he wants for his army.

    I'd do that myself. But figure out a set amount, if you want 30 and there's 25, by all means take them if no one else is there to contest you. Share equally as best as you can if someone else arrives looking for them.

    But if there's 50 of them, you want 30 - then make sure there are 20 left when you depart. You're done - now let another army builder or single / double-taker collector have a chance.

    But just don't think that since the figure was a year old when you bought piles of them for 2 bucks that the figure had originally seen a fair release. Especially in the numbers that army builders wanted.


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