View Poll Results: If more than 1 collector shows up at your store at the same time, what do YOU do?

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  • Share everything equally until the demand is best satisfied

    229 39.62%
  • Run down the isle and hoard all that you can

    128 22.15%
  • Hoard first, check that you got it all, then share with whoever's there

    178 30.80%
  • Hoard all that you can, then only give up stuff for trades (at that time or later)

    26 4.50%
  • Get what's left over, or count on other collectors to be kind to you

    17 2.94%
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    DAMN Tycho! Hasbro should give you some kind of award or something! We should all be thanking you for single handedly keeping the line going. Are there any more jobs open where you work? I wouldn't mind having that kind of disposable income!

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    No there's several months being spent working to get this off my credit card!

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    All of the "army builders" so far have been very plentiful near me, even the red clone trooper. The only one I had to really search for was the Geon Warrior.

    So far I've gotten the following army builders;

    15 Battledroids (hate the E1 version, never got any security BDs.)
    5 Super Battledroids
    3 Geon Warriors
    2 Red Clonetroopers (on top of 10 preview Cts.)

    So far, with the exception of the Geon Warriors, every time I've bought army builders, there has been many more left on the pegs. I'm glad that the army builders this time around were shipped in the same over abundance with the first waves.

    So far, everyone has been cool about everything, and I have yet to meet a scalper in the aisles.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    Hi all. as collector's we should try to help one another, and not let are fellow collector be cought by that jabba scum lord who puts prices so high not even the jawa 2nd hand dealer scum can afford. really dont buy from the 2nd hand dealer's and scalper's and that scum bag high priced jawa aka 2nd hand dealer or store or even high priced e stores, Wal-mart has been even with the force and target to. well as even as they can be. hmmm 5.88 v 10.99 you decide.


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