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    60 25.53%
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  • 3) Small multiples of certain figures

    89 37.87%
  • 4) Armies of troops and / or aliens & droids

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    In the last few waves of figures, how many did you set out to buy?

    As polling concerning our collecting habits, tips and tricks, continues here at, we've learned:

    Only 16% of Star Wars collectors here go out at 7 or 8 am and find all the figures with no problems with distribution whatsoever.

    But 23% of the collectors would rather sleep in, though they know scalpers and army builders are taking first crack at the newest cases that were stocked overnight.

    Yet 58% of Star Wars collectors here have a serious ethical problem with an army builder wiping out every droid or soldier figure in sight, as soon as they stumble upon them.

    And the remaining 42% of the collectors will do just that.

    While SSG investigates what our readers think "Collector Ettiquete" regarding army building should be, this week we take a look at what sort of purchasing our readers actually practice!

    While the last of the figures on the green cardbacks are slipping away from the racks nearly as fast as they are stocked, we ask:

    In the last few waves of figures, how many did you set out to buy?

    (keep the army builders like Imperial Officer and Clone Trooper in mind, and then follow the example and post what YOU'VE got!)

    Please specifically state whether or not you have an "Emperor's Arrival" Diorama in your Classic Collection.

    Be honest people... no one knows where you live! ; )

    So What Did You Set Out To Purchase?

    1) One of each
    2) Two of each
    3) Small multiples of particular figures
    4) Armies of Clone Troopers, Imperial Officers, or another figure
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    Please follow my example...


    I DO NOT have an Emperor's Arrival Diorama going, and I go out and purchase all I can find at retail, ordering online sometimes, though I do not buy by the case....

    I have approximately:

    79 Stormtroopers
    0 CommTech Stormtroopers
    14 TIE Fighter Pilots
    4 Death Star Gunners
    15 Sandtroopers (old)
    2 Sandtroopers (new -POTJ)
    6 ATST Drivers\
    1 ATAT Driver
    13 Snowtroopers (inc 1 deluxe)
    14 Death Star Troopers
    3 Space Troopers
    6 Imperial Officers
    4 Emperor's Royal Guards
    3 Imperial Sentinels
    1 Bikerscout (POTJ carded figure)
    7 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes

    25 Episode Two Clone Troopers

    9 Hoth Rebel Troopers (inc 3 deluxe)
    7 Endor Rebel Soldiers
    26 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
    3 Rebel Fleet Troopers (new)

    32 Gungan Warriors
    54 Jawas (between 2-packs and CommTechs)
    19 Tusken Raiders (10 POTJ)
    2 Female Tusken Raiders (planning on 5)
    8 Ugnaughts (4 two-packs)
    6 Mon Calamari Warriors
    20 Geonosian Warriors (planned on - for winged, carded figure)

    10 Weequays
    15 Gamorreans
    18 Bith (Cantina Band Members)
    8 Ishi Tibbs (most customized)
    23 Greedo's (used as "Rodians")
    18 Tessek's (used as "Quarrens")
    8 Ketwols
    22 Duro's
    3 Zutton's

    2 Death Star Droids
    4 R5-D4's
    20 Gonk Droids
    3 R3-T7's
    2 R2-Q5's
    4 R4-M9's
    3 R2-B1's
    4 TC-14's
    5 Pit Droid 2-packs

    0 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
    21 Security Droids
    48 Clean Battle Droids
    32 Blasted Battle Droids
    28 Slashed Battle Droids
    12 Swamped Battle Droids
    17 OOM-9 Droid Commanders
    3 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
    24 Destroyer Droids (counting both C2 and C1)

    6 Coruscant Blue Guards
    25 Naboo Royal Guards
    38 Naboo Royal Security
    8 Bespin Security Guards

    These figures are all just about LOOSE, or intended to be soon. They fill dioramas recreating the movie scenes, and some Expanded Universe battles.

    Some of you are "worse" than I am, some of you would say "Shame on me!" and have 1 or 2 of each of these.

    Others amongst you are planning on building up your armies and alien populations, droid pools, and security forces.

    What have you done and what will you be up to?
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    not that bad

    Well, (unfortunately) I don't have as many as Tycho. I'm going to try this by memory, but don't quote me. I have no true dioramas yet, but have been planning many for when my son is old enough to help me.

    20 CommTech Stormtroopers
    15 Orange & Green card Stormies
    6 TIE Fighter Pilots
    1 Death Star Gunner
    10 Sandtroopers (old & new)
    2 ATST drivers
    1 ATAT driver
    10 Snowtroopers (at least 3 deluxe)
    6 (& growing) Death Star Troopers
    9 Imperial Officers (POTJ)
    8 Emperor's Royal Guards
    2 dirty/2 clean Bikerscouts (POTJ)
    4 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes

    2 Episode II Clone Troopers

    ~8 Hoth Rebel Troopers (~3 deluxe)
    8 Endor Rebel Troopers
    6 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
    8 Rebel Fleet Troopers (POTJ)

    6-8 Gungan Warriors
    10 Jawas
    6 Tusken Raiders
    2 Ugnaughts (looking for at least 2 more)
    6 Mon Calamari Warriors

    3 Weequays
    5 Gamorreans
    5 Bith (plus 1 from Walmart 2 pack)
    1 Ishi Tib
    2 or 3 Greedo's
    1 Tessek
    1 Ketwol
    2 Duro's
    1 Zutton

    5 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
    4 Security Droids
    8 Clean Battle Droids
    1 Blasted Battle Droid
    2 OOM-9
    2 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
    8 Destroyer Droids

    6 Coruscant Blue Guards
    6 Naboo Royal Guards
    9 Naboo ROyal Security
    4 Bespin Security Guards (plus 1 from playset)

    These are all loose (okay, maybe 5-10 are still carded).

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    You guys are lucky to have the $ to buy all that stuff. I have to settle for one of each. I have no problem with collectors who buy armies, as long as they leave some for others who can only get one.
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    This isn't meant to be mean but it looks like to me some people's areas are more toy-friendly than others! In my area, it was very difficult to find some of the army builders you guys have purchased -- Naboo guards, in particular.

    I have:
    20 original stormtroopers -- orange, green cards
    10 commtech stormies
    0 DS troopers (very high on my want list!)
    10 snowtroopers
    10 sandtroopers -- POTF
    1 sandtroper -- POTJ (want to get more!)
    10 TIE pilots
    4 dirty biker scouts
    14 Royal Guards (10 loose and guarding the Emperor!)
    16 Jawas
    10 Gamorrean guards
    10 Rebel fleet troopers -- POTF
    1 Rebel fleet trooper -- POTJ
    10 Rebel Endor commandos
    2 Naboo royal guards
    2 Naboo soldiers
    6 Gungan warriors
    6 destroyer droids (no battle damaged ones; I thought they were cheesy-looking)
    10 sandpeople -- POTF and POTJ
    14 battle droids -- all types
    10 breakaway battle droids
    8 Coruscant guards
    4 Mon Calamari officers

    I might have missed a couple but that's about it.

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    Ugnaughts, I forgot ugnaughts! I have about 10 of them little critters. When I heard Hasbro was doing the carbon freezing chamber playset, I stocked up!

    7 Bespin guards
    4 security battle droids

    Fortunately, many of the army builders -- original stormies, ugnaughts, Rebel commandos, Royal Guards, Bespin guards -- I picked up on clearance. Plus I did well at the 2/$3 sales at TRU, too.

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    I voted for small mulitples of particulars.

    I didn't intentionally buy more than 2 of any of the exact same figure. My wife bought me a couple not realizing I already had 1 or 2 them. I can't complain, she checks for new figures for me every time she goes to Target or Walmart.

    Most of mine are open. I would like to start building dioramas, but I move every couple years and I'm afraid they won't survive.

    What does everyone do with all of those figures? It doesn't look like anyone is buying them on Ebay or yahoo auctions.
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    I'll have to try this from memory as well. I have posted in the past what my "ARMY" count was but it will have to be revised:

    40 ST's green&orange
    15 or so Commtech ST's
    8 sandtroopers (orange)
    4 sandtroopers (w/surveillance droid, from the 3-d pack)
    4 sandtroopers (dewback)
    10 sandtroopers (black paulron)(the latest green card w/binoculars)
    15 or so snowtroopers
    3 (clean) biker scouts
    8 (dirty) biker scouts)
    2 biker scouts w/speeder bike
    5 imp officers (want 24)
    2 Imp gunners (want 6)
    4 Tie fighter pilots + 1 from Inteceptor
    8 royal guards
    4 at-at drivers (2-carded, 2 from at-at)
    3 at-st drivers (want 6)
    2 DS troopers (want 6)
    0 scanning crew ARRGGH (want 4)

    8 rebel fleet troopers (buff ones)
    2 rebelfleet troopers (new, want 6)
    6 luke x-wing (new skinny, buck-tooth, used for customizing)
    14 hoth rebels
    8 deluxe hoth rebels
    4 hoth commanders (whatever they are called, it's been so long ago)
    4 endor troopers

    8 ugnaughts (from 2-packs, 4 small/large each)
    8 bespin guards

    16 jawas
    9 tuskenraiders

    4 gammoreans
    3 weequay
    3 nikto, klatuu(sp?), and baradas
    3 tessek's for (2 for customizing)
    5 duro (see above)

    4 mon cal officers

    8 c3po (coin) for various diorama's
    10 r2's various kinds
    5 mechanic chewies (best scale IMO)

    Episode I figs
    battle droids
    8 clean
    2 dirty
    4 slashed
    2 shot
    4 commanders (oom-9)
    12 security
    4 pilot
    4 boomer damaged

    8 destroyer droids
    5 destroyer droids (battle damaged)

    8 naboo security (mustard/brown)
    3 naboo guards (want 20)
    10 gunganwarriors
    3 kaadu

    8 republic guards (royal blue)

    Episode II
    (all preview as of this post)
    19 clonetroopers
    2 zam
    3 r3-t7's
    3 jango fett's

    multiples planned for for EPII
    6 super battle droids
    12 geonosian
    2 geonosian w/mastiff
    4-6 red clonetroopers
    4-6 yellow (if they come out with these) clonetroopers
    20 new sculpt clonetroopers, they are sure to make a different sculpt of these
    various jedi for other scenes and I'm sure there will be other (ARMIES) to follow just don't know what figures will be coming out later.

    this list may not be complete (may have forgotten some figs) or accurate but is my best estimation from what I can remember of my dioramas. if I revise this list it will be edited after this entry and will follow this text instead of fixing the above.
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    You bet I buy multiples!

    I have an Emperor's arrival diarama going. I once had about 150 commtech stormtroopers but I sold my way down to my current 60, so mine are pretty much free. I also sold my 50 POTF2 stormtroopers which also helped pay for some of my newer duplicates. I feel no shame. All my friends get figures at cost and my customers get good prices and great service. If you hate me, well its probably just a case of sour grapes. I work hard for what I have and I'm able to support my collection, afford to go to SWC2 and buy my Stormtrooper armor that I'll be wearing at SWC2. I am a true collector because I open everything. People who criticize me while keeping all their collection sealed are called "investors".

    I have approximately:

    1 Stormtroopers
    60 CommTech Stormtroopers
    10 TIE Fighter Pilots
    10 Death Star Gunners
    3 Sandtroopers (old)
    8 Sandtroopers (new -POTJ)
    10 ATST Drivers\
    4 ATAT Driver
    14 Snowtroopers (inc 1 deluxe)
    10 Death Star Troopers
    1 Space Troopers
    10 Imperial Officers
    7 Scanning Crew Members
    6 Emperor's Royal Guards
    1 Imperial Sentinels
    20 Bikerscout (POTJ carded figure 10 clean/10dirty)
    2 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes
    2 Episode Two Clone Troopers
    7 Hoth Rebel Troopers (inc 2 deluxe)
    8 Endor Rebel Soldiers
    1 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
    6 Rebel Fleet Troopers (new)
    19 Gungan Warriors
    33 Jawas (between 2-packs and CommTechs)
    7 Tusken Raiders (5 POTJ)
    (Not Yet) Female Tusken Raiders
    4 Ugnaughts (2 two-packs)
    2 Mon Calamari Warriors
    (not yet) Geonosian Warriors
    2 Weequays
    8 Gamorreans
    7 Bith (Cantina Band Members)
    1 Ishi Tibbs
    2 Greedo's
    1 Tessek's
    1 Ketwols
    1 Duro's
    1 Zutton's
    1 Death Star Droids
    1 R5-D4's
    9 Gonk Droids
    1 R3-T7's
    1 R2-Q5's
    1 R4-M9's
    1 R2-B1's
    1 TC-14's
    6 Pit Droid (only 1 2-pack, + international variants)
    2 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
    3 Security Droids
    45 Clean Battle Droids
    2 Blasted Battle Droids
    2 Slashed Battle Droids
    2 Swamped Battle Droids
    3 OOM-9 Droid Commanders
    4 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
    4 Destroyer Droids (counting both C2 and C1)
    2 Coruscant Blue Guards
    3 Naboo Royal Guards
    3 Naboo Royal Security
    3 Bespin Security Guards

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    I buy one of each figure because I know how hard it is to find certain figures. I still haven't found any Rebel Trooper's or Imperial Officer's. I once saw a whole new case of the clean Scout Trooper and only bought one. I don't think it is right to but a lot of army builders until they start hogging the pegs like the Battle Droid's did in Episode I.
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