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Thread: Action fleet

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    Action fleet

    Hi all
    Does anyone know of any websites or stores where i can buy star wars action fleet in the UK

    Thanx for any help

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    It is just as hard to find Action Fleet vehicles here in the U.S. as it is in the UK. It does look like e-bay will be the only way you can get them!!!
    Oh, and it is great to see another Action Fleet LOVER besides me.
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    Thanx for the help both.
    At least there should be plenty of ep2 action fleet for us to buy

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    We all hope there will be plenty of AOTC Action Fleet ships, playsets, and Battle packs. Yes, Hasbro is bring back some AF ships. Three, to be exact, but why wait till next spring to release them? There are no Prototype photos of any AOTC AF. I'm sorry to rain on anyones parade, but remember Hasbro dump the line. After saying they were not selling. Its hard to tell if a item is selling, if there are 100 Naboo Starfighters for every 1 person. I hope more then anything that the Action Fleet comes back in full force. Pun not intended, but until I see AF items in stores I won't believe anything Hasbro says about the Action Fleet.

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    It does seem like they're setting the line up to fail again. They've made no effort to tie into the AOTC movie hype. How hard would it've been to release a repainted Slave I with Jango Fett as an AOTC preview vehicle? They've already got the mold.

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    Sith Vicious, I think the reson for Hasbro not releasing a Slave-1 AOTC AF preview set is because, Jango's Slave-1 is totally different from Boba's ship. Yes, they look almost exactly alike, but. Boba's Slave-1, didn't have twin Gattling guns right below the cockpit. It also didn't have a sonic charge release. I think Hasbro will release a Slave-1 with the first wave, but, it will most likely have a new feature that the original Slave-1 didn't have.

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    But the twin gattling guns on Jango's slave 1 I think fold out. As for the sonic charges, not REALLY needed as they would probably be too easy to lose cause they'd be quite small at that scale.
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    a retread slave I which hasbro can palm off as being a new action fleet?

    now why didn't they think of that?

    ahhhhhhh, now that i think about it, that's prolly just what we'll git

    they wanna re-tread us with something? well retread us with the dayum product that's been r&d'd, tooled, and produced, just never released gawd dammit! that's the way to re-tread us!
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    ya it will be like the george lucas tie fighter helmet or the death star platset darth vader helmet, you buy them then you figure out they come off then you loose em


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