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    Droids (not the cartoon please) TOP FIVE

    Frankly I couldn't find enough droids to warrant a Top Ten list, so I am going for a Top Five instead. This will allow for some variety in the responses. And now, JediCole's Top Five droid choices:

    5. CZ-3 - This type of droid seems a staple of the Star Wars Universe, appearing in some form (working or junked) in Episodes IV-VI. CZ-3 can be seen wandering the streets of Mos Eisley when Luke sells his speeder.

    4. R2-A6 - It just bothers me that we have this droid in the 12" scale and not the 3.75" scale.

    3. R-3PO - The Hoth Rebel Base's red protocol droid.

    2. PK Droids two-pack - These little guys really complement the droid-dependant society of the Trade Federation. Please, Hasbro, if you make them, make them chrome silver! And include a goodly pile of Battle Droid parts for them to collect.

    1. R4-M9 - Someone has to lead packs of those Rebel scum off of the Tantive IV after they are captured. This little droid is one I've wanted for over 20 years. I love the distinctive dome and apart from the clear dome astromechs, we would have at least one representative of each type.

    What are your favorite five droids? I had at least eleven more droids on my list that I narrowed down to the top five here.

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    1. CZ-3
    2. Mining Droid
    3. R4-M9
    4. R6-D4
    5. PK Droids - they would be interesting
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    The PK droid is not lost and I will explain in the episode two section not here. But...

    5. CZ-1 he looks so cool with his cross eyed face and weird panelled chest plate Why we don't have him yet is a mystery. Big up to him!

    4. treadwell droid with many arms from the sandcrawler sale. If they can manage to pull off FX-7 with his many arms and make them articulated then they sure as hell can manage this one.

    3. Any R4 droid. I say any because it doesn't really matter as you can repaint them to make any droid you want.

    2. R3 droid with clear dome. Again, it doesn't matter which one as the colours can be changed to make either Rebel or Imperial droids.

    1. Deluxe C-3PO with removable limbs. All his limbs should be removable like the previous POTF version but with better posing and jointing. Added features should be pop out eye and removable lower left leg and foot with complimentary swappable arm that is just the shoulder with the wires hanging out and the arm is the same wirey mess. This would give us pretty much all the £po variations in one exept the super shiney version which could be another release later.

    0. Okay i'm cheating again but I want to add R2-D2 to the list in Dagobah swamp damage guise. He would come with a tiny lever that allows a panel in his front to open and extend an arm with the claw on the end to recreate his tussle with Yoda. He should also be painted correctly with loads of dirt. Also he should come with a mud spitting feature like the Jabba glob goo but you fill a space in his back with 'mud' and push his center leg up to expel the 'mud' from his head via one of his blue head panels.. If the Dagobah X-wing with Yoda turns up next year or the year after, this would go with it really well.

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    Okay... you asked for it!

    5. EU P2 Astromech Droid- so big he could be his own deluxe figure!!

    4. R1 Astromech Droid... we were so close with this one, too!

    3. R3 Astromech Droid... we want the clear dome!!!

    2. R4 Astromech Droid... how has this one been missed by Hasbro???

    1. Think of them as one because they are inseperable... C-3P0 and R2-D2 (new and improved sculpts would be much appreciated!!!)
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    The "E chu ta" droid


    Corran's "Whistler"



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    5.PK Droids two-pack
    4.Scavenger Droids
    3.Better sculpted EP1 C-3po and R2
    2. Jabba's Gambling Droid
    1.R2 With Drink Tray
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    1 r2 drink tray
    2 pk droids (i reallllllllly want this one)
    3 r-1
    4 guri (definitly the best designed droid in the galaxy)
    5 EU lando's droid co-pilot (can't remember his name, he had 5 arms and one big red I) that's what my old girlfriend used to say about me.. Just kiddin

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    Lesse now, since my wishlist contains tons of droids, lemme narrow it down to 5 most wanted droids. There is no, most wanted least wanted for me, I want the all. :

    5. "R3-(Somthing)" The clear dome astromechs are cool, I wouldnt mind having a couple, repaint a few for dioramas. I couldn't think of any spacific R3 unit I wanted, so ehh...suprise me.

    4. "R2-D2: Jabba's Bartender" Why this figure hasn't been made previously I have no idea. Another figure that has been produced in 12" scale, but not in 3 3/4". Make him with a removable bartop, dome arm, and a lightsaber that fits into his dome. Heck, throw in that lil welder he used to free Leia, zap Salicious, and that ewok.

    3. "R5-D4" While he exists as a strong chance of being made for the E2 figure line, since according to "" he's in the movie, I still need to throw a vote out there for the plucky lil droid.

    2. "CZ-3" Yep, gotta agree, I really want this unique looking droid. Regular bread and butter Protocal droids are cool, but this one just screams. "Make me."

    1. " R1-G4" Another droid, this time a capital ship Astromech that calls to be made. Put him in the deluxe line with maybe another jawa, and I'm game.

    I wanted to avoid mentioning R2-D2 and C-3PO to much, though both of them have many varients that could still be produced. But, that is for a different thread.

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