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    Thumbs up Lego Republic Gunship

    Was at Wal-Mart in south Tampa and noticed in the lego section a huge box for the Republic Gunship....nice. Lego fans will be very pleased. I did not buy the item because I'm not that into lego but I was sure tempted! Lego fans get ready!

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    Lego Gunship


    Did you happen to get a price on the item? Just curious. they haven't hit California yet. (could be holding them until 4/23).

    Thanks for the info. I will get that one for sure!
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    Like I posted in another thread, the LEGOs are also subject to the electronic lockout. I tried buying the Super Battle Droid LEGO and it couldn't be sold. After unsuccessfully haggling with the CSM over purchasing it anyway, I asked if she could at least tell me the price. Her response was she had no way of finding out.

    So I doubt you'll be able to get a price since it's locked in the system. But maybe if you find a kinder CSM, maybe she'll override the lockout only long enough to run a price check for you (I doubt they'd sell it to you). Or maybe call during the weekdays and ask the toy department manager.
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    LEGO Republic Gunship = $89.97 @ Wal Mart in Oklahoma

    Got it while it was hot, kiddies!

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    Sean the Hutt
    its in california too, WOW cool, but I will wait for a sale or pack in's

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    Nice....but no that nice!

    The Lego Gunship is 90 bucks?

    I'll pass on it for now! Don't get me wrong, I still want this puppy, but I'm not spending 90 bucks on legos..... at least not right now!

    I'll do like I did when I got the Falcon, wait for it to go on clearance!
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