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    Anymore Wal-Mart sightings?

    Well...ever since the whole thing with Wal-Mart taking their AOTC figures off the shelves, I haven't seen much more around here about AOTC figure sightings at Wal-Mart. Has anyone seen any still on the shelves?

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    Just Lego, otherwise nothing, nada, zip ,zero. Which I am glad, now we all will have a fair chance of getting what we want come 4/23.

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    This morning I was at wal mart and they had the basic, slave 1, lightsabers, and deluxe figures on the pallet. 5 deluxe figures were missing so i think that one of the managers got them. I tried to get the Darth Tyranus, Obi-Wan, and Jango Fett deluxe but the register wouldnt ring them up. Jango is pretty sweet though.

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    Hey misthunter, did you notice if the Deluxe Tyranus and Obi Wan lightsabers were either glued or sculpted along with the hand? Ive heard rumors indicating that the lightsabers are permanently attached to the figures.
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    Dry as a bone here in Georgia.
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    i didnt really notice. I had to get to school.

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    Wal-Mart has a "LOCK DOWN" on all Star Wars merchandise, if you don't already know. I may try Target, TRU, or K-Mart to see if they have anything before the 23rd. I bet K-Mart won't have anything before the 23rd in the situation they are in. I'll avoid Wal-Mart for MAYBE a week then go back on a hunt. It's calm before the storm. Happy Hunting-If you can find anything before the 23rd.

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    Actually there's not a lock-down. There's a "lock-down." It doesn't work. I got 3 figures from a Wal-Mart near my house a day before they took them off the shelves and they rang up as "Sale Not Allowed." All the woman had to do was try some numbers and it eventually accepted the sale and I got them. I have the 6 Collection 2 figures. So I'm lookin for Collection 1 figures now. I want to find them. I can't wait 2 more weeks. But if I have to, I'm gonna get up 30 minutes earlier on the 23rd and go get my figures and bring them home and then go to school. That is gonna be so awesome when I finally get them. I've got $25 put away right now, and I'm gonna continue to save until the 23rd so I can get the rest of the release figures. Luckily I'll be gettin $20 the weekend before the 23rd for report card so WOOOHOOO. I should have about $60-70 by the 23rd and I will by all the figures I can.

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    excuse me Jedi Drew.... you already put the "lock down" in quotations.... although I don't know if you realized that it doesn't work

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    I successfully got away with all the deluxe figures:


    Yes their hands were glued to there lightsabers. I also scored a Slave 1 and all of the new collection 2 figures:

    Jar Jar Senator
    Dexter Jettster
    Nikto Jedi
    Saesee Tiin

    They are all sweet! All I had to do was find a nice older lady, sweeten up to her and she looked up the prices and overode it by punching in the amount. Basically, be very picky with who you check out with and tell them you couldn't get the price. Once they look it up there's more of a chance that they'll punch it in. For basic collection just carry one or more POTJ and have them ring them up first, then tell them that they are all the same price. Hope this helps some. Anybody find Anakin and/or Zam's speeder or a Dooku lightsaber that they are willing to sell?
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