My brother just got back from the San Diego area and he brought back lots of BoShek and FX-7 wave figures; all of 'em to be exact (well, one of each!). He found them at Kay-Bee where he says they had tons and even had the sneak preview figures minus Jango. Sorry, but since we're not too familiar with the area and he was just visiting I can't say which one. Just a heads up to our friends down south!
I had similar luck last week at the Kay-Bee at Westfield Mall in Fairfield (CA that is) and there were still PLENTY on the pegs when I left. They had a small endcap full of the last two waves of POTJ figures and the salesperson said they were expecting more real soon. I also managed to get my Jedi Starfighter there on the same day! They had about five or six sitting on top of the endcap with the figures. Which brings me to a little criticism I have for the new packaging: I didn't even notice the Starfighter until the salesperson took me back over and showed it to me! I'm sure I just glanced at it and thought it was one of the old puzzles or something (which is what the new packaging reminds me of for some reason!). I really don't think the new blue borders on the Saga packaging style stands out very well. Guess it'll probably stand out a lot more come April 23rd when the stuff is EVERYWHERE!