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    Question Will Darth Maul Return?

    Sorry if this is been already posted i'm new. Ive heard many rumors that he will return as a clone or he some how came back.
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    Its highly doubtful he'll appear in any of the remaining prequels. There is always the expanded universe though.

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    G. Lu has repeatedly stated that Maul will NOT be back "That's why I cut him in two and threw him down a huge hole..."
    However, he liked him so much that he has considered bringing Ray Park back as another character in some capacity, but nothing is concrete about that.

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    episode 3 plotline?

    There is a plotline within this site that says a cloned darth maul will be a part of a new sith council that will replace the jedi council. I have no idea if this plot is legitimate, but when reading it I found it to be at least interesting and possible. If this is the actual plot for episode three it is gong to kick butt.

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    Obvious low post count

    Boy was I taken. Disregard my above message. I'm new to these forums and didn't realize that plotline was a fake. I like it though. notice my low post count- first night. I'm a starwars forum virgin.

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    If you want the REAL scoop on Episode III, check out the "Mace's Death" thread. A bunch of us have plotted and pondered what will happen. Check it out! And don't be afraid to put your two cents in!

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    Will Darth Maul return?


    ...but Dark Horse comics ran a pretty good story in Star Wars Tales that saw Maul come back as a clone in order that Vader could fight him as a test.

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    Remember how Maul was supposed to be back in Ep2 with robotic legs? Then E2 was supposed to feature a Sith Lord, called Darth Rage, who used two lightsabers? Darth Maul won't be back, that's just some fanboy's daydream.

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    if dead bad guys keep coming back its just going to turn into Jason X

    i love boba fett but everyone has to have an end and i think his is semi appropriate, not the best bounty hunter geting killed by a shovel, but a dark, grusome, long death in the belly of a monster. so everyone has an end whether you like it...or not
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    Originally posted by SQueek
    if dead bad guys keep coming back its just going to turn into Jason X

    *clears throat* Eh now watch wat ya say dare bout Jason X, I appen to know dat at least one of da NYPD's best got wasted by dat mad man Jason.

    As soon as a I find a picture of Fat Lou from Jason X, I will include it with this shot so you will (hopefully) see that I am not off my rocker. He looks a lot like Det. Andy Sipowicz a.k.a. Dennis Franz and I had a blast making up dialogue for his character whilst watching Jason X!

    Got it!
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