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    Question 4-LOM AF-figure ???

    Hi folks.

    I am a german AF collector and would like to know if there has ever been a Battle Pack #7 (escape pod) including a "4-LOM" figure ???

    A few days ago I got an old catalogue (1998) from IDEAL (the former german distributor of Galoob/Hasbro-stuff). There is a picture of BP#7 and instead of this Lord Vader figure there is a "4-LOM" on this image. It's displayed quite small - but it is definitely "4-LOM".

    Has anyone ever seen that ?

    Greetings from Germany,

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    There was never a AF version of 4-LOM, but, the Micro Machines early Droid collection had a 4-LOM figure that was the same size as the Action Fleet figures

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    Thanks a lot ...

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    Can you scan the page from the magazine and post it here, though? That would be really cool!

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    @ RobertDD :

    I don't know if scanning this page makes sense because the image is really small.

    Meanwhile I have found a photo of this MM driod-set and obviously the 4-LOM is in deed included there ( Action Fleet - sized) among other great droid figures.

    If you're interested visit this:

    If you insist in scanning/posting the catalogue's page I will do that, of course.

    Greetings from Germany.


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    I'd also realy like to see the scan.


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    I would really love to see a scan of the catalog. I have the droid set myself so I really know what that looks like, but to see the battle pack 7 picture would be cool!
    I also am very interested to see if the LOM is the same that was offered in the Droids set or wether they retooled one.

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    @ RobertDD :

    Obviously my own scanner is out of order Will have to find out what's wrong with it, first.

    But I could scan it at work to post it here. Be patient, please.

    Do you have an idea where I could get one of these Droid-sets in Germany or in the Netherlands (except EBay ... ) ?
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    Really, Ebay is the only way I know of (being Dutch myself).

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    There was an TRUE AF 4-LOM figure produced to be included with that Battle Pack. Unfortunatley, as with many other AF and MM figures, it was cut to reduce the cost of the set. Because of this, it never made it past the prototype phase.

    The figure is holding the MG-34 based blaster with both hands. It is painted dark metallic grey with metallic blue eyes.

    Only three exist - all of which are in the hands of caring private collectors.

    I hope this helps!


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