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Thread: Slave Leia Bust

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    Thanx for the reply, bigbarada!

    satin topcoat, eh? I appreciate the information
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    BTW, I thought i'd give you an idea of what this guy looks like. Don't laugh at the quality, I don't have a photo or a digital camera so this is a quick scan of Maul's sculpted and painted head.

    try to enjoy it.
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    looks great notafinga ! you CAN really see the likeness with ray park

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    Looks good! I like it, notafinga! I've only sculpted a handful of things one being a Barada head that I was going to use to make a 12" Barada figure (it's picture is somewhere in this section). The head came out too big so I pretty much lost interest and went back to drawing.

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    Man, everybody is more talented than me!

    Err, I mean "Nice work there Notafinga."
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    I'm all for posting custom work Sir Steve, but I hope you could be a bit selective about it. I've seen way too many customs that look like poorly conceived blobs. I want to see the stuff that looks "real" and professional. There's just not enough of this stuff shown on the net that is easily found. No offense to any customizers out there.

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    Biggin' whats up long time no type!

    Say man can you tell me what your brother uses? Is it like super sculpie or some thing along those lines, and great work...
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    Hey, Sith Worm, sorry for the late reply, I keep forgetting to check this thread. My brother uses a Super Sculpey and black Sculpey 3 mixture. The only reason he uses the darker Sculpey 3 though is to give the sculpey a darker color and make it easier to sculpt the details.

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    Unfreakingbelievable Kudos on not only a fine bust but an incredible Leia likeness!
    Man, I would love to see a Bossk sculpt, only then I'll want to get one for myself.

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    Wow, that's amaizing! Good job!
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