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Thread: Die Cast Metals

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    Die Cast Metals

    Eh up

    Can anybody tell me what Original Tril die cast metal MM's I'm missing?

    I have a few but I know that there a few rare ones that I am missing (I think I've seen a Slave 1 and TIE Bomber somewhere).

    I have:

    Mill Fal
    Star Destroyer
    Sand Crawler
    TIE Fighter

    So what's missing?



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    Red face the cllassic dc's that you still need to acquire are

    slave I
    tie bomber
    lukes landspeeder
    death star

    the landspeeder and death star are the easiest to track down

    tie bomber and a-wing are a little more difficult

    snowspeeder is extremely difficult to find

    i am now officially on the prowl to help track these down fer ya!
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    As ever GSJ, many thanks.


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    Hmm, I wonder why the difficulty in tracking all those down when, except for the Death Star which didn't even ship with the bulk of the wave 2, they all shipped in equal numbers.

    BC3, good luck in finishing your collection!
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    Maybe people wanted to set up fleet dios? Die-Cast Metal TIE Bomber and A-wing, c'mon, that'd rock. Not too mention scalpers and hoarders.
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    Hey BC3,

    Were you still interested in getting the rest of these Die casts? If so I have an extra Death Star MOC in so so condition I could help you out with. I paid $15 for it and am really only looking to get what I paid for it. Send me an e-mail if your interested.



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