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    Better Accessory Sets

    I've brought up this topic before in the old forums which I think needs revisiting since nothing about it has happened. Wouldn't it be to have better accessory sets to go with the figures?

    Here's a few that comes to mind:

    1) Rebel Hangar - how about those lights, tools, etc
    2) Cantina - chairs, tables w/lights, mugs, etc
    3) Jabba's Palace - similar to Cantina
    4) Bags of weapons like Stormtrooper blasters (the rifles with the CTC Stormies suck!)
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    Yep, specially the bag of weapons, but like the POTF2 stormtrooper, (the last one made), those racks are pretty cool.
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    I agree, better accessories in new accessory packs! I'd like to see one of lightsaber hilts and removable blades of all sorts of different colors.
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    I think that if done rightm the packs could be awesome. I think that if a small figure (those that normally would not be produced) would be included they would sell like crazy.

    Stuff to be included:

    Jedi Training Remote - I don't know why we have not yet got one.
    Globe of Peace - This is something that I want. I think it is cool.
    lightsabers & hilts - multi-color - removable blades
    Helmets - all different styles, at-st, stormtrooper, x-wing, etc.
    - snake and cloak for Yoda
    Band Equip. - microphones, stands, guitar
    Blasters - all different sizes
    Holographic - Luke & Vader
    - grappling hook, belts, holsters
    EU ? - Jedi Holo Cube, saber crystals

    as for the small figures, I suggest:

    1. Bubo
    2. Hoover
    3. ET senator (I wish)
    4. Weazel (small enough)
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    I would like to see an accessory set of accurately scaled creatures such as the mynoks, swamp flyers, scurriers, snakes, lizards,rats, and some of those E1 creatures that were attempted in the battle bags. Those were poorly scaled. A set of tools like spanners, boxes,communicaters, lamps,and such would be neat also.
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    Lightbulb Accessory packs

    If Hasbro are making Accessory packs again for the new line what about packs that would be useful for those of us with dioramas like a "Cantina Set" with glasses, chairs even a table in case they decide to make more Cantina Patrons with Bendable Knees.
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    WOW the word "Accessory Pack" really scared people away
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    I am down for new ones, but they should actually include things that interest, like a Jedi training remote. Stuff like that would be awesome and would sell.
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    I would love an accessory pack of stormtrooper accessories. Rifles, binoculors, backpacks, small droids, etc. could all be included. A rebel version would be great, too.

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    There was an Endor Accessory pack that was rumoured to come out, but It never happened
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