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    Originally posted by Starfig873
    Whew! I never such a long post!

    Clone Emperors...clone Lukes, whats the difference? They all come out the same color...
    Starfig, you must never have seen more than half of all of my posts. But in all honesty, I've never seen Sith Worm write so much! I told you he was a clone Emperor. But then cloning the Emperor is about as bright an idea as cloning, say, Boba Fett!


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    I've seen your posts JediCole, heh heh, I just thought I'd be a smarty. I actually liked Dark Empire though...sure, clone Emperors was kinda an odd idea but eh, it works for me.
    "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!"
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    Is it a semantic argument if Boba Fett is the CLONE and not the guy being cloned?

    Orange juice and Toothpaste....heh. Classic. Who hasn't been THERE before?

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    The sith/jedi LIE!

    I have seen you two at the toy shows, at the flea markets, at the square dance, and its always the same. If hes not your son then why does he follow you around like a puppy dog? You may be fooling these people but i know different. He follows so close behind you that sometimes i cant tell where you end and he begins. And, every time I ask either of you a question, the responce is always the same. "i sleep in a drawer" yall say. Sure i'm just a stupid, fat, ugly, redneck but if life under the sea has taught me one thing its..uh...?
    Like my dad always said, "Be original son. Dont quote someone else."

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    Bubba Fatt is just being bitter, locked away in his home, Slave 0, driving his truck, Slave 1, and cloning puppy dogs to build an empire.

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    Lets not forget Slave 2...the boat. And to top it all off, I have a carbonfroze Han on my wall. Ooops! My mistake, thats a velvet Elvis. But, you would be bitter too if you were Buba-fatt. I'm drinking diet Dr. Pepper so maybe one day I'll be Buba-fit. But, it gives me gas so often times I need to Buba-far....uh nevermind.
    Like my dad always said, "Be original son. Dont quote someone else."


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