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    Intelligent life on Dagobah?

    In "Empire", when Luke is in the cave there appears to be concrete structures like a drainage culvert. Is this supposed to be made by Yoda, or previous inhabitants of the planet? Or maybe its a set piece that wasnt meant to be seen. What are your thoughts?
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    Well, Yoda's there cause it was rich in the force and he could, right? Well I'm sure the little guy didn't sense it by himself, possibly an earlier generation of Jedi had lived and only Yoda knew of it from them.

    As for current intelligent life on Dagobah, well that monster thing tried to eat R2, I'm pretty sure that classifys as stupid.
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    Those structures are Theed ruins.

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    dagobah is naboo?
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    So the thing that tried to eat R2 was Jar Jar Binks!!! LOL!!!!


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    If those are in fact ruins of Theed, that is a heck of a lot of overgrowth and decay for a little over 20 years. I don't think that Dagobah is Naboo.

    I think that whatever you see as concrete is just set pieces that were supposed to represent the cave.
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    Didn't we have the Dagobah/Naboo discussion before...?

    I think we were able to establish that Naboo and Dagobah were clearly displayed as two different planets on the same "astral" chart. I think someone even had the .jpg or .gif attached to that thread.

    Anyhow... I think Dagobah is more of a prehistoric forest type planet with massive trees. Everything on that planet seemed to be either amphibian or reptilian. Naboo clearly had a diverse mammilian presence and lots of birdies as well!!!
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    Originally posted by MisterPL
    Those structures are Theed ruins.
    Nah! I don't buy into that either! I think that Dagobah is a planet all on it's own... and that Naboo, along with Coruscant were never mentioned in the original trilogy. I wish that we could have seen Coruscant in at least two of the three OT movies (except for the 30 seconds we saw in the Special Edition ROTJ).
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    Originally posted by Darkross
    I wish that we could have seen Coruscant in at least two of the three OT movies (except for the 30 seconds we saw in the Special Edition ROTJ).
    Be careful what you wish for. You probably will see Coruscant in the OT.

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    If there ever was intelligent life in Dagobagh, my guess is that we will never know, i dont think GL will go there, but we can sure make our own conclussions. Yoda chose Dagobagh because it was the perfect place to hide. So if he knew the planet had no intelligent life, he could be sure that he was alone with his orange snake with no one to bug him...that is untill Luke arrived of course.
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